Frickin’ awesome ski forecast.

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 February 26, 2011

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Praise be to the snow gods. The sacrifices have worked.

Today looks clear, cold and calm until early afternoon when we’ll start seeing the pretty cap cloud build on the mountain. We’ll have increasing clouds for the rest of the day after that. Winds are calm to start, but they’ll build to NW 15-25 by 11am and NW 25-30 by 7pm. Snow will start falling sometime between 10pm and midnight. The snow level will be at the surface. Sounds like we’ll see some snow in the Gorge as well, although without the east gradients drawing more cold air into the Gorge, we may not get buried.

We’ll see light to moderate snow between midnight and 10am Sunday, becoming heavy for the rest of the day. Models show anywhere between 1” and 1.7” of water value by 4am Monday, for 15-20” of new snow, most of that falling in a massive dumping storm between noon and 4am. Winds tomorrow will just plain suck. They start at W 30-40, building to WSW 50-55 by 1pm and WSW 60-65 by 4pm, holding through midnight or so. The snow level starts at 1000’ and rises to 2000’, before falling back to 5000’ by Monday.

The dumping snowstorm continues Monday morning, with the snow level around 500-1000’. We’ll see extremely heavy snowfall midnight through 10am, becoming just plain heavy from 10am through midnight. Total precipitation between 4am Monday and 4am Tuesday will be 1.5-2.0” water value for 20-30” of new snow. No kidding. Winds will be W at 30-35 all day long.

Models differ on snowfall amounts for Tuesday. One shows around .5” of water value and the other shows 1-1.5” water value. Either way, the snow level will be around 500’.

Models still show a bit of warming Tuesday night through Wednesday morning, with a brief period where temps will rise near 32 degrees. Since things have been going our way lately, I’ll stick with the optimistic forecast and say we’ll see a brief period of heavy, wet snow before the snow level plummets again on Wednesday morning, burying us once again.



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