July 5 Forecast

Good morning everyone!

First off, I just want to take a quick moment to mention my friend Paul who disappeared while stand-up paddling near the Hook on Friday. I haven’t spent all that much time with Paul, because he lived in San Francisco, but I loved him dearly. Paul’s one of very few people I really, really liked from the first moment we met. Funny. Hilarious, actually. We shared a very similar sense of humor, and I always looked forward to seeing him when he was in the Gorge. Please keep him and all of his friends in your thoughts while you’re on the water the next few days.

On to the forecast….

High pressure holds sway over the Northwest for one last day today before sliding out of the picture tomorrow. Portland’s going to see mid eighties today while the Gorge bakes in the mid nineties. That temperature gradient will bring solid westerlies. We started off with very light wind and a .05 gradient this morning. We’ll see a slow build of wind today. By afternoon, we’ll have 20-23 in the Corridor. Depending on the evening marine push towards p=town, we could see 23-27 late evening from Doug’s to Arlington.

Break out your sweatshirt tonight to stay warm and put in your earplugs to block the sound of the overnight wind! High temps tomorrow drop 20 degrees, setting up Monday Madness in the gorge. It’s hard to say where the cloud line will end up, but it’s going to be a big day. We’ll have dawn patrol in the mid twenties tomorrow, followed by 28-32 in the near and far east.

The wind continues blowing on Tuesday, with mid-twenties a reasonable call.

And whatever you do today, do it for Paul, and have an awesome day!


4th of July Forecast

Hi Everyone, and Happy 4th of July!

First off, despite the early morning glassiness on the river, there’s going to be just enough wind to get you out for some kiting or windsurfing today. Blazing hot desert temperatures today combine with just plain hot temperatures in Porltand for some afternoon westerlies in the 17-20 range. Gradients are already at .06, and they’ll come up a little later, so we may get lucky with some low-twenties.

Tomorrow starts off with upper teen winds in the corridor, as marine clouds make a little more progress towards Portland. The onshore push begins in earnest in the afternoon, sending corridor winds climbing and climbing and climbing. Timing is everything, of course, but I think we’ll see 23-26 tomorrow afternoon, maybe even stronger

Westerlies keep building overnight, and predicted highs in Portland drop 20 degrees on Monday. That’s a recipe for a nuclear day on Monday. Prepare yourself.

Really, I know better than to predict that far in advance, but hey, it’s a holiday, so why not?!

Enjoy the fireworks and parties tonight, and have an awesome day today!