First Gorge snow forecast. 11/16

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 November 16, 2011

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Good morning!

Oh dear. It’s 30 degrees in Hood River and there’s a .15 east gradient and moisture headed our way. In layman’s terms, that means we’re going to see snow or freezing rain here in the Gorge this morning, and it means I’m going to go lie on my back in the parking lot and put my snow tires on.

The snow/freezing rain should be relatively short-lived, ending by noon, with a couple inches of snow accumulating on the top of your car.

Your only chance for windsurfing/kiting in the next three days (unless you’re sailing sub-freezing east wind this morning) is tomorrow, when we’ll see 30+ in the morning, fading to 24-28 in the afternoon.

Coming up in events, the PDX Kayaker film festival is in Portland tomorrow night. There’s also the 7-8pm playboating session at the Hood River pool. On (Black) Friday, there’s SnowDaze, a slideshow by Richard Hallman, Solitaire, a ski movie, at the Middle School, another award-winning ski movie at the Pint Shack. On Saturday, it’s the annual Girl Paddle on the White Salmon River (newly freed!), and there’s the Native Eyewear “Sunglasses at Night” party at the Elks Lodge, with free beer.

Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
4a-8a 8a-12p 12p-4p 4p-8p 8p-4a

In the mountains today, the story is different. It’s already 31 degrees at 5000’. By 10am, the snow level will be at 5000’, hitting 6000’ by 1pm, and climbing to 8000’ in the evening. It doesn’t drop back to 5000’ until midnight tonight. During that time period, Mt. Hood wind will be WSW 40-45, becoming as strong as 65-70 in the evening. We’ll see a total of 2-3” of rain at 5000’ during this system. This makes Temira sad.

However, by midnight tonight, the snow level will be around 5000’ and dropping fast, hitting 1000’ by 7am Thursday and hanging there for the extended period. The wind on Mt. Hood will be W 40-50 all day Thursday, for blizzard conditions, with .8”-1.0” water value for 10-14” of new snow.

Friday sees the snow level at 1000’ with mountain wind at W 20-25 and total precip of .2-.3” for 2-3” of new snow. The snow level drops to sea level (at least in the Gorge) this weekend, with 1-2” of new each day. The next big system swings through on Tuesday.

Friday-Tuesday look cold and snowy. Chance of Meadows in the next two weeks: 95%. Skibowl: 40%.

Have an awesome day today!


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