First Frost Forecast

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 October 11, 2009

Happy first frost!

The minimum temperature at Larry Spellman’s house last night was 27 (, so I’m thinking that officially qualifies as end-of-summer-gardening day. If you had enough forethought to cover your tomatoes, you’re more of a Master Gardener than I am.

Easterlies hold on today, with a little more power than yesterday. It’s already 26 in Stevenson (thanks, iWindsurf and iKitesurf) and less windy at Rooster (that’s what it looks like on the Rooster Cam, anyway). Tomorrow also looks like a mid-twenties east wind day.

We’ll still see some east winds Tuesday morning, but that’s going to be it for the east winds for a while. A series of warmer, wetter systems head our way, starting Tuesday afternoon.

If you think the ball-bearings in Post are getting out of hand (I don’t think they are, but 7 Streams is a little dusty), the ball-bearing exterminator shows up Wednesday. Lots of sub-tropical moisture is headed our way for the second half of this week. By the end of next weekend, we’ll have plenty of snow for BC skiing… above 6000 feet or so. So, if you have any pull with Mother Nature, get her to lower the snow level by about 2000 feet this week. I wouldn’t mind going straight from windsurfing/kiting/bike season into ski season.

Other than that… there are free Crossfit workouts every day this week, and next weekend is Harvest Fest. If you want to help bake pies for Harvest Fest, you can do so at the Senior Center on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I’ll be there helping bake pies one of those afternoons. Contact Kyra at 386-2060 for more information about volunteering.

Have a great day today!

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