End of season, but not the last, forecast

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 October 1, 2009

Good morning everyone! It’s gloomy out there this morning, with low clouds covering the highest peaks along the Gorge. With a warm front overhead, and a cold (very cold) front headed our way, Gorge winds will struggle to get out of the single digits today. It’s a good day to sit in a coffee shop, if you have that option.

Tomorrow looks quite a bit better on the wind front. Sometime during the day, an upper level low heads east over Washington. That dynamic combines with high pressure off the coast for building west winds through the day. I’m not sure where the clouds will end up, so I’m going to suggest you head to Arlington tomorrow for strongest, steadiest winds. 27-30 seems pretty likely out in the desert towards sunset. If you can’t stay out that late, you can head out earlier for 23-27 out in the sunny areas.

At this point, Saturday and Sunday are looking cold, with occasional showers and light westerlies. I’m not convinced that NOAA’s correct about the coast going off on Saturday.

In other news, you can catch Crossfit tonight at 5:30 at Children’s park in Hood River, First Friday in Hood River tomorrow night, and Hops Fest (yuck… I don’t like beer. Why isn’t it Tequila Fest?) on Saturday, also in Hood River. Coming up next weekend, Saturday actually, is a CAMBA work party in Post Canyon. If you ride Post, you damn well better be there. =)

Finally, the radio season is done for the year, so forecasts will be issued on an as needed basis for wind, snow or anything else I think is worth forecasting. If you find this forecast helpful or entertaining, or if it saved you gas money this summer, please take the time to make a small donation at http://tinyurl.com/ya7vnh7 . As you might have guessed, putting this together (almost) every day takes quite a bit of time and energy.

Thank you for a great season, and I look forward to seeing all of you on the water and on the snow this fall!