Earth Day sun, wind and no-snow forecast, but great biking is here!

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 April 22, 2013

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Mt. Hood Snow Forecast – 5000′
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Good morning,

Today’s the 22nd of April, Earth Day, and that means that last frost date has passed for Hood River city proper. The Heights has another week, and those of you in Parkdale have another few weeks. That said, keep an eye on the temps tonight, because there’s a pretty decent chance of frost in the wee hours, as clear sky allows temps to cool.

In events this week, there’s pickup touch rugby Tuesday at 5:30 at Hood River’s waterfront park, there’s pickup Ultimate Frisbee at 5:30 at the Hood River Marina Wednesday, there’s the women’s mountain bike ride, the Post and Pinot at 5:30 Wednesday, leaving Dirty Fingers, there’s the Post and Pint on Thursday at 5:30.

On to the weather forecast… road bikers are going to be quite happy the next three days, and mountain bikers will have great dirt too. Today looks sunny, with temps in the upper 30’s early and low 60’s later, with no wind this morning, picking up to E 23-36 at Stevenson/Rooster with 5-15 elsewhere this afternoon.

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Tomorrow brings a chance of frost in the Gorge, so protect your tender plants. Temps will be in the mid 30’s early (or lower) and the mid 60’s later. Wind will be E 5-10 early and W 10-15 after 2pm. It’ll be sunny, with a chance of a few high clouds.

Wednesday looks sunny. Temps will be in the low 40’s early and low 70’s late, so break out your tanning equipment. Wind will be E 23-26 at Stevenson/Rooster and E 5-15 in the afternoon everywhere else. Thursday brings nuking west wind to the Central Gorge.

On Mt. Hood, today’s going to suck, as 1” of new snow overnight turns sticky by mid-morning. By Wednesday, though, we should have perfect corn snow. Back to today… the free air freezing level (FAF) will be 1500′ early and 4000′ late, with NE wind at 25-35 early and E wind at 20-30 this afternoon.

Tuesday looks sunny on Mt. Hood. The FAF will be 5500′ all day with N wind at 15-25 early and 20-30 midday. Wednesday looks sunny. The FAF will be 5500′ early and 9000′ in the afternoon with light and variable wind. Thursday looks sunny, with the FAF at 8000′ and strong NW wind building to 35-45 in the afternoon.

Have an awesome day today!