9/6 forecast

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 September 6, 2009

First things first, this morning is the last CGWA swap meet of the season, so head down to the Expo Center in Hood River to get some new gear!

It’s going to be windy today, but my pick today is mountain biking. We got a quarter of an inch of rain yesterday, and Post Canyon was pretty much dust-free yesterday. Apparently someone put out a news bulletin, because there were crowds up there last night beating the raindrops into the trail. We’re getting another quarter inch today, so we’ll see some mud puddles by this afternoon.

But I know you windsurfers and kiters are looking for wind today, and you’ll get it. It’s going to be gusty and unreliable again, but it should be stronger out in the desert than it was yesterday. A front was headed towards the Gorge early, sparking off rain in Portland. That front will cross the Gorge midday, and that’s when you need to head east.

I think we’ll see 27-31 out at Arlington and Roosevelt from around 1:46pm until dark today. I can’t promise steady wind, and I can’t promise it’s going to be sunny, but I think it’s going to be worth driving this afternoon.

It’s looking like winds will shift back into the corridor, or at least to Doug’s and Rowena tomorrow as weak high pressure builds over the Northwest. Models suggest 17-20 out east to start, filling back towards Hood River by afternoon.

Tuesday looks like light easterlies.