9/4 foreca

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 September 3, 2009

Since there’s not much wind to start the day, let’s talk about my other favorite sport. NO. Not that one. Eating is my other favorite sport, and I had a yummy, yummy meal last night at Sophie’s. I hadn’t been in the building since Abruzzo went away (PTSD, maybe), but I’m quite glad I made the trip last night. I ate delicious stuffed squash blossoms and yummy salads and fabulous little fishes. I’m thinking it’s one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Yummy. Yummy. Yummy. Temira gives Sophie’s two thumbs up.

Oh right… wind forecast…

This morning started off with high pressure over the northwest. As an upper level low approaches the coast midday, gradients drop, possibly giving us some glass around noon. In the evening, a front approaches, bringing west winds up a notch, possibly hitting the 15-18 range for the after work session.

The main low pressure system and associated from hits the Gorge around midday tomorrow, bringing clouds and rain into the central Gorge and wind to the eastern Gorge. The morning session looks like 15-18 tomorrow, followed by 28-32 at Arlington and Roosevelt in the afternoon. It’s not looking long-lived, so think about some pre-emptive driving.

A powerful upper low pushes into BC on Sunday morning. This setup generally gives strong winds at Arlington in the afternoon.

If you like port tack wavesailing, it’s going to be 25-plus with 9 to 10 feet the next couple of days at the coast!

In other news, today is First Friday in Hood River. You know what that’s all about, so don’t miss it. On Saturday, at noon, just before the wind gets good, longtime windsurf coach Cliff Ryden teaches a clinic at Northwave. And finally, on Sunday, there’s the CGWA swap meet at the Expo Center and the Old Timers’ picnic in Cascade Locks. For more details on those events, check the gorge is my gym dot com.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!