9/25 forecast

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 September 25, 2009

You’ll have another chance to hit the water later today. High pressure off the coast combines with a bit of a thermal gradient this afternoon to swing another round of west winds through the Gorge. I’m not saying it’s going to be super strong, but I think we’ll see 17-20 for much of the day today.

The wind picks up a notch on Saturday, as high pressure off the coast combines with a wea k system passing to the North. Dawn patrol looks like a distinct possibility on Saturday in the Corridor. As the desert warms up towards midday, winds warm up too. Watch for 27-30 for much of the day Saturday.

At this point, it’s looking like Sunday will be a east wind day, but hey, east winds are better than no wind at all.

Before you hit the water Saturday, give Da Kine and CGWA a hand at the Hatchery with the yearly Hatch work party. There’s free Da Kine swag for you if you come help out… Actually, I’d just like to take a moment here to thank Da Kine. They always kick down goodies for work parties and charity events. Da Kine is the best – they support you, so you should support them by buying their awesome gear!

Finally, don’t forget that this weekend is your chance to join Dirty Fingers bike repair for the annual campout at Lewis River. Eat, drink, and ride the boundary trail… what more could you want!?


  1. Waveguru |

    Next week is going to have strong west winds Monday Tuesday Wednesday and maybe Thursday.

    • Temira |

      Hey Gary, you’re doing my job! But yep, you’re probably right… only problem is that it’s going to be freezing cold by Wednesday, as snow levels fall to the passes. But hey, nuclear westerlies are okay by me! No gliding, tho, right?