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 September 19, 2009

All you windsurfers, don’t forget that there’s a work party at Doug’s Beach this morning from 9 until noon. Hopefully the rain will hold off out there! Go help CGWA make your beach a better beach! And then there’s that bit about building up some windsurfing karma. You can spend that at any local Karma Convini store.

It’s 6am as I record this, and it’s dark. That makes it hard to see the cloud line, but it’s somewhere past Hood River. Steadiest winds will be east of Hood River today. In town, under the clouds, we’ll see gusty 15-20 westerlies. Out east, high pressure off the coast combines with a passing front for 25-29. The direction tends to be pretty good with this setup, so Doug’s and Maryhill should end up being the good spots today.

Since this is a frontal setup, there’s a good chance we’ll see strong gradients and lesser, gustier winds. 25-29 is a slightly optimistic guess, 23-25 is almost guaranteed, and there’s a slight chance of 30ish late in the day, after the front passes and high pressure pushes towards the coast.

Today’s strong west winds give way to weaker westerlies early tomorrow morning as high pressure fills inland. By midday, however, west winds die and easterlies start blowing. If you get up really early, you can catch both. It think we’ll see 15-18 west, switching to 17-20 east tomorrow.

High pressure builds Sunday night, setting up a big east wind day on Monday. All the models are showing 30+ and NOAA’s calling for gusts to 40. So, pack your small gear in the car and head to Stevenson or Rooster Rock on Monday morning.

In other news, this weekend is the Hood River cyclocross race at the Middle School on Saturday and at the fairgrounds on Sunday. Now if we’d only get some rain, cuz cyclocross is better in the mud.

Have a great day today!

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  1. Jay |

    Today 9/19 in Stevenson from noon till 10 pm is Hoptober Fest.
    Music, Walking Man Beer, and Brats all in support of the local food bank. Cheers.