9/18. Wednesday. Wind, events, upcoming rain.

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 September 18, 2013

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Random Morning Thoughts
FYI, Mother Nature says Autumn starts on Friday. Just FYI.

Wind forecast

Today’s going to be quite cool, with a bit of a west breeze keeping things even cooler. Models still insist we’ll see westerlies in the mid-twenties this morning, but reality insists on upper teens. So, with gradients of .06 and .08, let’s call it 18-23 east of Hood River mid-morning, fading out east, and picking up to 15-18 from Stevenson to The Dalles this afternoon as high pressure builds and the clouds burn off.

Inland high pressure tomorrow gives us easterlies at 22-25 at Steven’s Locks and Rooster Rock, with 0-10 elsewhere. Friday starts off light, but an incoming cold front will give us late afternoon westerlies… if the cold front makes it here before dark. The weekend looks showery and rainy with gusty west wind in the … well, probably in the upper teens to low twenties, but maybe stronger.

In general weather news, Mother Nature says fall starts on Friday afternoon, with rain all the way through Tuesday. This is great news for bike trails and fire season. It is also news for the ski resorts, because the snow level will drop to 8000′ Saturday and 6500′ from Sunday through Tuesday. Brr.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Steven’s Locks 0-10 5-10 10-15 15-18
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) 5-10 10-15 15-18 15-18
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle 10-15 17-21 15-18 15-18
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall 10-15 18-23 15-18 15-18
Arlington / Roosevelt 10-15 18-23 15-18 15-18

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Important Post Canyon News

For you Post Canyon users, know that the county is spraying herbicide today, so Seven Streams, parts of Spaghetti, and the 115L trail will be closed through 6am Saturday. The rest of Post Canyon is still open. Prepare yourself for epic mountain biking starting this weekend. Once the rain starts falling, it’s ‘game on’ in Post, where the dustbowl become the tackfest.

And speaking of closed trails, Whoopdee and Hospital Hill and all Kreps and SDS lands– remain closed due to fire danger. Stay tuned as we head into next week, because we’re going to transition into a much cooler, much wetter weather pattern, and that may just be enough to start opening more trails both on private land and on county land.

Stuff happening

Tonight’s fun includes women’s mountain biking at 5:30 at Dirty Fingers, pickup rugby at Henkle Middle School at 5:30, and pickup Ultimate at Wy’East middle School at 6, along with sailboat racing at the Hood River Marina.

Coming up this weekend, Lyle hosts the Homesteading Fair (Saturday), Columbia Center for the Arts hosts the Wild and Scenic Film festival (Friday and Saturday), Hood River has the Harvest Ride (Saturday), and the Waterfront Park hosts the Gorge Kids Triathlon (Sunday).

Have an awesome day today!