9/17 forecast

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 September 17, 2009

First off, I’d like to give a warm welcome to everyone in town for the AWSI demo show. If you want to meet the people who make the wind, kite and stand-up industry keep ticking, head down to the Hood River Inn tonight for the big industry party!

If you’re a kiter or windsurfer who normally uses the event site, remember that it’s reserved until Sunday for this private event. However, kiters, feel free to use the sandbar and windsurfers, feel free to take over Luhr Jensen Beach.

Anyway, on to the wind forecast.

We’ll see a little west wind today as the remnants of that front keep gradients westerly this morning. Corridor wind holds in the 17-21 range this morning, but don’t be suckered out into the desert. By afternoon, winds fade everywhere, but especially out east, as high pressure turns upper flow northerly.

Tomorrow starts off with east winds in the low twenties. If you want to get on the water, go early. Winds fade in the afternoon as another cold front heads towards the Gorge.

That front crosses the Cascades tomorrow night, setting up west winds on Saturday. It’s looking like we’ll see rain in the corridor, so the best wind will be out east. On your way out east, on Saturday, make sure to stop at Doug’s beach for a CGWA work party. If you collect windsurfing karma by working on beaches, your gear is way less likely to break and leave you stranded.

In other news, don’t forget about free Crossfit with Jeri at Children’s Park in Hood River at 5:30 tonight. Coming up this weekend is the Hood River Cyclocross race. For more details, check out the event calendar on the homepage.

Have a great day today!