9/16 Gorge wind and events

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 September 16, 2012

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First thing today, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who donated during August pledge drive month. There was never a day where I didn’t post a forecast, because every day someone donated. Thank you to all of you both for using this forecast and for supporting it! Remember that although it’s free for you to use, it’s not free for me. I put a lot of time into giving you an accurate forecast, and I pay for the hosting on this website. If you find it valuable, please take the time to make a donation to support what I do. Your generosity helps keep this going for everyone. I also send an email version of this forecast. Make a $12 or larger donation, and you’re on the email list for a year. No more dealing with the twice-yearly pledge drive, and you’ll also have a chance to win prizes from the sponsors. Thank you again for your support!

This week’s sponsor is Dirt Hugger, offering curbside food waste collection service for your business, school, office, store, restaurant or hospital in Hood River and The Dalles. All that food waste becomes awesome compost for your garden, yard, farm or vineyard. You can pick up that compost or have it delivered. If we as a society can’t make composting happen through our cities and counties, at least we can make it happen through a cool local business. This is one of my favorite businesses in the Gorge. Support them, please

Although we still have a little bit of west wind this morning, the models seem to think it’s going to die off pretty quickly. Then we should see a switch to very light east wind from noon on. It looks like we’ll see east wind at 15-18 at Stevenson and 21-24 at Rooster tomorrow, and east wind at 10-15 on Tuesday. So, today is going to be a lovely day for SUPing or road biking near Hood River (other than the smoke… wow… it’s really smoky this morning).

In other news, today is the unsanctioned Backyard Half Ironman triathlon. The cyclists are leaving the Event Site for a 58 mile ride at 9am, followed by a 13 mile run and a 1.2 mile swim. If you want to hear about the tri group’s events, the best place to find out is the Columbia Gorge Tri Club Facebook page.

Also today, cyclocross racing continues in Cascade Locks, so if you’re looking for some entertainment today, swing by to watch and cheer on our local racers. Apparently it’s also a great place to do some partying. No, not Cascade Locks. The Cyclocross races.

Next weekend is full of cycling events. Hood River hosts the Echelon Gran Fondo, a supported road ride for charity that was named the best fall fondo by Bicycling Magazine. Riders will be on the roads between Hood River and The Dalles and in the Odell area, so be ready for lots of bikes next weekend. For mountain bikers next weekend, Hood River’s Dirty Fingers Bikes has their annual customer appreciation party and campout in the Falls Creek area. Call the shop for more details on location and what to bring.

Also next weekend is the Grominator skateboarding contest at Hood River’s Skate Park. I keep walking by the poster and not writing down the details, but be aware that it’s happening.

Have an awesome day today!