9/16 Forecast

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 September 16, 2009

I know you windsurfers and kiters are jonesing to get on the water after yesterday’s rest day, but just wait a few hours and you’ll get you chance. In the meantime, you fishermen and wakeboarders, who probably outnumber us windsurfers and kiters anyway, can enjoy the light winds on the Columbia.

By midday, though, gradients switch around to westerly and start building. These are frontally driven pressure gradients, and that can throw a wrench in the wind on the river. Even so, I think winds will build to 25-29 by 1 o’clock or so, with a distinct possibility of 30+ until dark. Steadiest wind – and it is going to be gusty today – will be at Stevenson and in the corridor, unless the low clouds push past hood River. If that happens, chase the wind to Doug’s.

Tomorrow is looking lighter as high pressure builds over the northwest. Even so, gradients remain westerly, with 20-23 likely in the corridor and out at Doug’s and Rowena.

At this point, Friday is looking like a light easterly day.

In other news, the AWSI demo event is in town this week. It’s not open to the public, but the event parties are. Your best bet for partying is the Liquid Force/Major League Kiteboarding/Monster Energy/2nd Wind party at the Gorge Room on Thursday night.

Also, don’t forget about the Hood River Doublecross Cyclocross race this weekend at the Middle School on Saturday and the Fairgrounds on Sunday