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 September 12, 2009

You have just three days left to vote yes for the gas tax. Why? Because driving on unplowed roads sucks. Why else? Because riding your bike on unswept streets sucks. You still aren’t convinced? Look, it’s $30 a year or so. We’re replacing timber money. If you’d rather we get that money the old way, maybe we can just reopen logging on all those beautiful trails you like to ride (the City and County can’t do that, but that’s where the money used to come from… just making a point here). So, clearcuts or $.03/gallon gas tax? Snow-covered roads or unplowed streets? Road riding through gravel, or road riding on nice, clean streets? I thought so. Vote yes.

End of rant. Beginning of forecast.

East winds continue today under sunny skies. There’s not as much gradient as yesterday morning – we were only at .08 at 6am – but it’s still enough for some light easterlies, 15-19 or so, if we’re lucky, today. You can count on the east winds holding until noon, but prepare for them to die rapidly.

Cool air starts pushing into Portland sometime this afternoon, dropping gradients. By midnight or so, gradients should be flat, I’m not suggesting you should go waterskiing at midnight or anything… I’m just saying we’ll see west gradients by early tomorrow morning.

If you’re not keen on easterlies, and you are keen on surfing, head to the coast for 8 feet at 13 seconds – that’s a west swell – with less than 15 knots of wind.

With overnight desert temps in the 50’s tonight, I don’t think we’ll see dawn patrol tomorrow. However, with the thermal trough over the desert and weak high pressure building at the coast, west gradients are going to be substantial tomorrow. I think we’ll see 24-27 in the corridor by tomorrow afternoon, with a slight chance of 30+ if everything works out perfectly.

It’s looking like the westerlies will stick around Monday, giving you a chance for crowd-free water time.

In other news, today is the CGKA end-of-summer party on the Sandbar in Hood River. There’s music and BBQ and, hey, bring a potluck item to share! It’s also the Fluidride Scotty Graham Memorial Super D, today and tomorrow, from Timberline to Skibowl. There’s a bunch of other stuff going on this weekend, but you’ll have to go to https://www.thegorgeismygym.com to check it out.

Have a great day today!

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  1. Fuelman |

    The cities overtime for snow plowing last year was $22,000.00. over ten times less than the money they need to fill the budget. Last year was one of the worst winters we’ve had in 15 years. You do the math!