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 September 12, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s report is brought to you by Classic Wings Aero Services in Hood River. At Classic Wings, you can go for a flight over the Columbia, around Mt. Hood, or anywhere your heart desires. And if your heart desires to learn how to fly, Classic Wings can help you out with that too. If you’ve never taken a scenic flight in the Gorge, you should. Darla took me up one day, and I was amazed. You can see your ski hill from above, your bike trails from above, and you can take awesome photos of the entire Gorge Gym from above. I know it sounds really touristy, but it’s a great experience and I totally recommend it!

It’s another light start in the Gorge, as we’re in a typical fall pattern of warm days and cool nights with high pressure holding across the Cascades. As a weak low pressure system works its way eastward today, west winds will build into the 14-18 range near Hood River early afternoon, filling in out to Rufus, and possible Arlington, late in the day.

If you need something to do this morning, the Huckleberry festival is going on in Bingen, and the Gorge Fly-in is still going at WAAAM in Hood River. If you want to see the cool planes, head over early, because many of them fly home today, like birds migrating for the winter. And… don’t forget that you can take a $20 plane ride with Scenic Wings and my friend Darla.

Coming up tomorrow, a ridge of high pressure builds over the Cascades, shutting off the west winds If you have a ski boat, it’s going to be a great day for wakeboarding. It’s also going to be perfect weather for standup paddling, road biking or anything else that’s fun on a no-wind day.

It looks like the ridge will hold through the middle of the week, giving us sunshine and highs near 80. We probably have more sunshine coming, but it’s always good to take advantage of every warm fall day. So make plans to get out in the sunshine and build up a vitamin D stash for the coming winter!

Boaters, the White Salmon is still great at 1 ¾ feet, the Klickitat’s still runnable at 730 cfs, and the Tieton is holding at 1830 cfs. I know the Kayak Shed is running the swap again this morning, so there are lots of used boats on sale. I’m not sure if there will be more delicious coffee and donuts.

I almost forgot… there’s a Gorge Constitutional Tea Party rally in Dallesport today from 2-4. No matter what political sentiments you hold, this will be an entertaining (or angering) afternoon activity.

Have a great day today!

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  1. Temira |

    Hi Jim and John,

    Although I appreciate a good political debate, you may find a better forum for instant-response debate here: http://talkofthegorge.cbox.ws/ It’s a great local chatroom for having political or other hot issue discussions. I try to keep this website solely recreation and entertainment related… that’s why I leave my personal politics out of my reports. Thank you so much for using the website, and enjoy Larry’s chatroom. It’s awesome, as is his main Hood River Weather website at http://webpages.charter.net/hoodriverweather/weather.htm

  2. John |


    You have strong opinions and that is your right. That is also the right of those gathering peacefully and expressing theirs.

    I did (and do) support you as a member of the armed forces that allows us this freedom.

    As a good friend of mine reminds me from time to time, “We will have to agree to disagree.”

    I need a day on the river, BADLY!

  3. John |

    Hi Temira,

    We all know intent can be hard to gauge on a forum or in an email. If I mistook your comments, I do apologize for perhaps being a bit snarky!

    I gotta get back to work, so enough fun for today.

    Check your PayPal.



  4. John |


    Yes, these folks may have a different view than your own, but most just want to slow down the growth of government spending with over 40 % of it borrowed money. You can’t run your home and finances in that manner. Just to be clear, I am talking about BOTH political parties.

    The first amendment is not to protect polite speech but speech you might find offensive. There was a time in America when real liberals would say they might not agree with you, but would defend with their life your right to say it.


    • Jim |

      I hear your words about spending, but thats not what the Teatards are really worked up about. (If they were they would’ve spoke when Bush scuttled our economic well being and world standing with an unnecessary Middle East adventure. By the way I WAS a troop … did you support me by having a sticker on your car or where you there with me with a rifle in your hands too? )

      What I’m concerned about are the LOUD words that advocate racism and propagate untruth. These are unacceptable and need to be recognized and labeled as such. The left is far too polite for my taste. Just once I’d love to see Obama wake up on the wrong side of the bed on 12 Sep 2010 and decide to carpet bomb the entire Dallesport area airport, Googleville, Indian crafts and all just to teach his political foes a lesson in the tyranny they accuse him of. The world needs less tanless, crotchety cranks and more progressive folks unafraid to open up a can of whoop ass now and then.

  5. Temira |

    Hi John,
    It’s unfortunate that you misinterpreted my comment. If you are a Tea Partier, you will find the rally “entertaining.” If you are not, you will find it “angering.” So, I did not “take a shot” at any group. You simply misread my intent and chose to flame me in a public forum. An apology would be nice. Also, if you really do use the forecasts every day, you may actually want to send in a donation (as many, many others have done) to say thanks to me for saving you gas money and hassle. Donations are the only thing keeping this forecast free. Take a look online, and see if you can find a better forecast for free or for cost.

    I send donations to other “free” services such as C89.5 radio in Seattle and National Public Radio. Do you?

    Thank you for using the report.


  6. Jim |


    By “honoring diversity” or “coexisting” does not mean one gives a free pass to shouty dipshits that know nothing about public or foreign policy. I know reactionary jingoistic hate speech when I see it and I don’t respect their twisted viewpoint of the world.


  7. John |

    Hi Temira,

    Did you ever have a ‘Honor Diversity’ or ‘Coexist’ bumper sticker?

    If a group may have an opinion that is to the right of yours, regarding what they consider out of control spending by our government, you might find this ‘entertaining’ or ‘angering’?

    I appreciate that you mentioned the rally, but did you have to take a shot at a group that may have some opinions you do not share?

    This is YOUR website and you put in the hard work & get up at dark’o-clock everyday to make it happen.

    Just one man’s opinion………….

    Still love your forecasts and may actually send in a donation!