9/1 Gorge wind and events

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 September 1, 2012

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First thing today, I’d like to say thank you to all of you who donated during August pledge drive month. There was never a day where I didn’t post a forecast, because every day someone donated. Thank you to all of you both for using this forecast and for supporting it! Remember that although it’s free for you to use, it’s not free for me. I put a lot of time into giving you an accurate forecast, and I pay for the hosting on this website. If you find it valuable, please take the time to make a donation to support what I do. Your generosity helps keep this going for everyone. I also send an email version of this forecast. Make a $12 or larger donation, and you’re on the email list for a year. No more dealing with the twice-yearly pledge drive, and you’ll also have a chance to win prizes from the sponsors. Thank you again for your support!

West wind keeps blowing through the Gorge today, with 21-24 near Hood River this morning, droping a bit midday as Portland heats up, and then picking up to 23-26 from Hood River to The Dalles this afternoon with a little less wind in Stevenson. It should be a pretty steady wind day today, as there’s nothing dynamic about this system. Just nice high pressure off the coast, a few marine clouds in the Gorge and Portland, and a warm day on tap in the desert.

A weather system tomorrow morning knocks the westerlies back a little bit to 14-17. Then a front swings through, giving us gusty 17-21, with the wind finall picking up to 21-23 late in the day. Strongest wind will be near Hood River and Stevenson tomorrow. It looks like the westerlies will continue on Monday, with 10-15 early and 17-20 by mid-morning… not a bad setup for the Cross-Channel swim on Monday morning.

If you’re headed to the coast, you’re smart. It looks windy today through Tuesday, with the wind getting stronger every day and a 3 foot west swell at 17 seconds today, switching to a shorter period west swell at 6-7 feet on Sunday. The central coast looks best for the next couple of days, but the north coast looks great Monday and Tuesday.

Windance has their customer appreciation party tonight from 6-9 with local bands Walter and the Conquerers and Toy Gun Conspiracy, along with free food and drinks. Today also marks the start of BTA’s bike commute challenge. Log your miles as part of team Gorge Owned at bikecommutechallenge.com.

Coming up tomorrow, there’s the last swap meet of the season tomorrow at the Hood River Expo Center parking lot. There’s also pickup rugby starting at 3pm in Mosier.

Have an awesome day today!