8.8 forecast

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 August 8, 2009

If your arms aren’t tired yet, they will be after today. West winds keep blowing through the Gorge. The early gradient was .10 and the cloudline was east of Hood River. That means best winds today will be from Mosier to Maryhill early, filling in from Stevenson to Mosier later on. It’ll be 21-24 this morning, building to 25-29 later.

It’s going to be kitabel conditions for the Kiteboarding for Cancer event at the Event Site today. If you’re not a kiteboarder, there are standup paddle races, live music, hot BBQ and cold beverages. Go check it out! If you’re an Event Site windsurfer, head to Luhr Jensen or The Hook today, since KB4C has reserved the event site for the weekend.

This evening is the King of the Hook longboard contest. Get your costume and your longboard gear and head to the hook. Registration opens at 4:30 at the west end of the Hook.

A weak front pushes across the Northwest tonight, sending clouds up the Columbia. The west winds probably shift eastward tomorrow. Even if that happens, upper teens start the day, building to 23-27 later on.

If you have a chance to head to Cascade Locks today, go check out the Moth National Championships. Those hydrofoil boats rip, and with this much wind, there’s bound to be spectacular carnage. While you’re down there, stop at the East Wind for a delish malted milkshake.