8/5 Classic Gorge Forecast

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 August 5, 2011

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Now, your forecast:

It’s been one of those years when the wind just doesn’t seem to blow at the Hatchery, but that should change today and for the next few days. We have a solid .15 gradient this morning and low clouds just past the Hatchery. There’s nothing pushing those clouds further in today, so I’m going to let hope rule and say it’s going to blow at the Hatch by midday. We’ll have westerlies in the 21-24 range early from Mosier to Rowena, quickly building to 25-29 by midday and filling in from the Hatchery to Maryhill. Oh please let me be right. Please let it blow in the Corridor for the windsurfers today. Kiters have been getting lots of 16-19 in the Corridor already. Now it’s time for the pole-johnnies. =)

Tomorrow looks like another solid start with 18-22 or better from the Hatch to Mosier early, picking up into the 22-25 range by midday and holding from the Hatch to Doug’s in the evening. If you’ll be out on the river fishing, kiteboarding, windsurfing or standup paddling tomorrow, keep an eye out for the sailboats in the Double Damned race and make sure you give them the right of way and don’t try jumping over then or anything silly along those lines.

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Sunday looks windy too, with 15-18 in the morning building to 21-24 in the afternoon.

For you mountain bikers, if you’re catching this email early, you still have time to meet the Disco Divas for a girls-only ride in Post Canyon at 9am. They’re meeting at the bottom of Post Canyon Road. And if you can’t make that bike ride, you can always make the Super D in Oakridge on Sunday or the Dirty Fingers campout all weekend long.

And finally, if you’re still looking for things to do, there are plenty of u-pick cherry and blueberry farms around, so get out into the valley and eat some of the best fruit grown in the world. Yummy. And don’t forget to eat the thimbleberries and blackberries when you’re out riding Post Canyon.

Have an awesome day today!


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