8/30 forecast

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 August 29, 2009

All right, I am going to come right out and say it. I wrote this forecast Saturday evening. Why? Because I’ve done the forecast in the morning for so many days on end that I can’t take it any more. I need to catch up on sleep. So, this is my best guess for what’s going to happen today. If it’s wrong, I apologize, but the need to sleep in and wake up without the alarm clock is greater than my desire for accuracy at this point (and you guys know I am obsessed with the quality of this forecast). So, I’m crossing my fingers that it’s correct, and if not, I apologize profusely. So…

Yesterday’s cool, gusty winds give way to warmer weather today as an upper ridge builds over the Norhtwest. Morning clouds in Portland were enough to give us light gradients to start the morning, and they’ll be just enough to give the desert a jump on the heating today. Steadiest winds today will be in the corridor, starting in the low teens and building into the 17-20 range later on. With a little luck, we’ll see 20-23 mid-afternoon, but the most likely scenario gives us upper teens to low twenties most of the day today.

High pressure holds off the coast tomorrow and low pressure holds in the desert, keeping west winds blowing through the Gorge. It’s not going to be spectacular wind to start the week, but it’s going to be enough to get you on the water. I think we’ll see 18-22 tomorrow, pretty much all day long.

Tuesday looks like a carbon copy of Monday, with whitecaps on the river for much of the day.

In the extended forecast, it’s looking like stronger winds return later in the week as the high pressure system breaks down.

In other news, there’s not much going on for group activites today… But if you wait until tomorrow, there’s free chi Gong and tai chi in Wilson park in hood River, and there are a couple of bike rides out of mountain view cycles in Hood River. Other than that… for more event information, check the event calendar at https://www.thegorgeismygym.com!

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!