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 August 23, 2009

Last night at the movie in the park, my friends Clint and Megan showed up with a fresh-baked, still-warm strawberry pie. They shared. That’s what I call friendship. The pie was the most delicious strawberry pie ever, made with fresh-picked organic strawberries grown in the Upper Valley. If I’d been more on it, I would have brought ice cream to go with the pie (Alden’s Vanilla is the most delicious ice cream ever), but I wasn’t. So, thank you Clint and Megan for the yummy, yummy pie.

Oh, I’m sorry, did you want a wind forecast or something? Well, let me tell you, Clint and Megan got THEIR forecast last night. =)

A weak front pushed across the Northwest last night, as an upper low shifted across British Columbia, setting up another windy day in the Groge today. The early gradient was pretty strong, at .13, and the cloud line was just past Hood River. With a setup like that, Mosier and Doug’s will be the early windy spots, with morning winds in the 26-30 range.

As high pressure builds at the coast, clouds back up later today (probably around 10:47am), letting winds fill back in to the hatchery (or so I really, really hope). By afternoon, we’ll see 26-30 from Hood River out to Maryhill.

High pressure fills in over the northwest tomorrow. Flow will still be onshore, but not as strong as we’ve seen the last few days. I think the early cal tomorrow is low teens in the corridor, building into the 16-19 range in the afternoon as a weak front approaches the coast.

That front shifts inland Monday night, setting up another windy day on Tuesday. It looks like Tuesday will be cloudy and cool in Portland, setting up mid-twenties or so west wind through the Gorge.

In other, non-wind related news, tomorrow at Wilson Park in Hood River there’s free chi gong at 5:30 and free tai chi at 6:00. And coming up later this week is the Wild and Scenic environmental film festival at Springhouse Cellars in Hood River. Also this week, on Friday and Saturday, actually, is a Sasquatch celebration, the Bigfoot Bash and Bounty, at Home Valley Park in Home Valley.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!

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  1. Temira |

    Hey Bob, I would love to but I only have 250 words / 88 seconds for the radio forecast and not a lot of time to edit that for the written forecast. A good place to check is WindontheWater.com or at Noaa’s hourly weather roundup: http://tinyurl.com/kpdglk. Thank you!