8/22 Gorge Wind and Events

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 August 22, 2012

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Before you read on, please remember that it’s pledge drive month for your forecaster (that’s me – Temira). I’m not like NPR or C89.5. No federal funding here. Just funding by people looking for fun. And I need your help to keep this valuable, gas-saving, fun-providing forecast going! Here’s the scoop: It’s fund drive month! If I get donations totaling $15 or more on a given day, I’ll post a forecast the next day. If not, only the people on the mailing list get the forecast. $12 gets you on the mailing list, and gets you in the running for occasional sponsor giveaways. Thanks for understanding that I have to make a living, thanks for helping me do what I love, and thank you for your support!

Tomorrow’s forecast status: Thanks, DD. Everyone have a great day!

The wind definitely took its time getting started yesterday, but once it got going, it really got going, with liquid smoke at Doug’s. That was about the time I got tired of wind-waiting and went bike riding. Incredibly, the road was right where I’d left it, and I had a lovely, if windy, bike ride. Anyway, we’ll see more wind today. Unfortunately, the marine push this morning is less than the models predicted yesterday, so we’ll have less wind than previously thought, but we’ll still have wind.

The gradient is starting at .11 PDX-DLS, so, once the sun is up, expect 21-24 from the Hatchery to Hood River, picking up to 24-27 midday and then filling in to Doug’s and Stevenson in the afternoon. The wind should be relatively steady today.

Coming up on tomorrow, it’s another windy day, but it’s going to be a gusty and unpredictable one as a trough of low pressure swings across the Cascades. We should see 26-30 east of Hood River tomorrow afternoon, as the marine layer most likely pushes past Hood River. Tomorrow, actually, will look much like yesterday, with the passing trough (as evidenced by high clouds) keeping wind quality low and wind speeds variable in the morning.

Then on Friday, we’ll see high pressure and warmer weather for just one day. We should see dawn patrol at 21-24, before the wind backs off to 15-18 or less for the rest of the day. The weekend forecast is still showing inconsistency, as an offshore low pops up in the models, so it’s too early still to make a call.

If you like the coast, it’ll be windy today through Friday with a 3′ swell at 8 seconds.

Coming up next Saturday, Positive H20 hosts a beach cleanup in Hood River, all the way from the Hook to the Spit. Meet at 9am at the Expo Center parking lot. First 50 people to show up get a free t-shirt. For more information, visit postiveh20.com.

Also next weekend, on Sunday, the Friends of Coldwater have a huge work party going on at St. Helens to open the 211 trail to mountain biking. This is a five-mile section of awesome trail, and they’re looking for 100 volunteers. Meet at Coldwater Lake (where ever that is… I suggest Google) at 9am.

Have an awesome day today!