8/17 Very hot Gorge wind and events

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 August 17, 2012

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Before you read on, please remember that it’s pledge drive month for your forecaster (that’s me – Temira). I’m not like NPR or C89.5. No federal funding here. Just funding by people looking for fun. And I need your help to keep this valuable, gas-saving, fun-providing forecast going! Here’s the scoop: It’s fund drive month! If I get donations totaling $15 or more on a given day, I’ll post a forecast the next day. If not, only the people on the mailing list get the forecast. $12 gets you on the mailing list, and gets you in the running for occasional sponsor giveaways. Thanks for understanding that I have to make a living, thanks for helping me do what I love, and thank you for your support!

Tomorrow’s forecast status: Thank you for the mail-in donation!

First thing this morning is a big ‘thank you’ to the weather gods. At 6:30am, it was 60 degrees in Hood River with 75% humidity. The humidity part isn’t great, but 60 degrees is cold enough for all of us to open the windows and doors and cool off our houses. As the thermal low shifts east today, we’ll be hotter than Portland. The opposite happened yesterday. NOAA says 99 degrees for a high today. That’s hot. That’s also a 39 degree swing in temperature from this morning. Impressive. Stay cool today, everyone!

If you thought it was hot yesterday, you’ll want to find an air-conditioned hangout today, because we’re in the hottest stretch we’ve seen in a couple of years, and today’s going to be hotter, muggier, and even less windy than it was yesterday.

The wind won’t help you stay cool today, because the Friday wind forecast is for no wind at all. Okay, we might see some east wind at 5-10 late in the day, but other than that, we’re going to swelter. Tomorrow’s wind forecast is no wind. On Sunday, we should get some relief with a solid marine push, cooler temps, and gusty west wind at 21-24 to start and 24-28 in the afternoon. However, with unstable atmospheric conditions, the wind will be very gusty and unreliable on Sunday. As the weather stabilizes over the day Monday, we should see building, steadier west wind in the mid to upper twenties. Tuesday looks like a classic day, with very strong, steady westerlies near Hood River.

If you want to cool off today, visit the Postively Kai standup paddle event at Hood River’s waterfront park. You have to be preregistered to participate, and you have to be under 18, there’s plenty going on, and I’m sure all the kids are going to be so cute paddling around! Coming up tomorrow, the Naish Paddle Challenge kicks off with the Paddle for the Park at 9am at Hood River’s waterfront park ($25 – benefits the park). If you don’t have your own gear, you can rent gear, and all proceeds from the event benefit our awesome waterfront park.

The Naish Paddle Challenge continues all day Saturday and Sunday, with plenty of free demos and standup paddling lessons. This is your chance to beat the heat and try a new sport for free!

Then on Saturday, there’s the Kids in Motion bike/run festival in Bingen, and on Saturday evening, there’s a fundraiser for the White Salmon Pool with music and food in Bingen. White Salmon has some serious community fundraising mojo going on. I’m so impressed with what they’re doing over there. Way to go, White Salmon!

Have an awesome day today!