8/16 swimming report

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 August 16, 2010

Good morning!

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It’s going to be really hot and not windy at all today, so if you’re not in an air-conditioned office, grab your kayak, your standup paddle board, your air mattress, your inflatable alligator or your ski boat, and head to the closest water for some relief from the 100 degree heat.

Tomorrow’s going to be really hot and too, but if we get really lucky, we’ll see some relief – and some wind – in the afternoon as marine air starts to push inland. The timing of this marine push is tough to call, so I’ll just say there’s a 10% chance of 15-18 at Stevenson by 4pm and in Hood River by 6:30pm. Like I said, we’re going to need some luck to get enough west wind tomorrow to get on the river.

If the wind doesn’t come back Tuesday, it’s going to return with a vengeance on Wednesday as a low pressure trough sets up along the coast, sending a solid marine push into Portland. Models are underpredicting the wind on this one, I think. We can expect mid-twenties on Wednesday morning as cloudy Portland teams up with the blazing hot desert for a good west wind day.

Coming up this evening, there’s free Tai Chi, Bikram-style, at Wilson Park in Hood River at 6pm. Also tonight is the Alternative ride, a casual cruise from Hood River to Msoier and back, leaving Mountain View cycles at 6:30pm. If you brave the heat and come on that bike ride, you’re in the running for some sort of cool raffle prize from the shop.

Boaters, the White Salmon’s just under 2 feet and the Klickitat’s at 850cfs. If you’re not a boater yet, today’s a great day to take some lessons and beat the heat!

Have a great day today!


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  1. Peter |

    Love your reports I will be happy to send a donation.
    One thing that could be helpful for those who do not live in the Gorge area. (I live in Beaverton) would be a notice about the road work that is going on right now.
    Last week after reading the report I decided to drive down after work for a kite session at the sandbar only to find myself stuck in traffic for 4 .5 hrs due to the road work and all the accidents that it caused.