8/16 Forecast

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 August 16, 2009

Early morning gradients were looking hopeful, but they dropped quickly, so I’m updating the report. I think the best we’ll see now is some light westerlies today. So much for the early .08 gradient and heavy marine deck. *sigh*

Think about pulling out your old Windsurfer and turning it into a paddleboard for the next few days.

The wind switches direction for the next couple of days. We’ll see easterlies tomorrow, possibly hitting the 20-23 range, if we’re lucky. Tuesday looks similar, as the heat low shifts eastward, turning up the heat across the Northwest. .

A better wind call would be the coast. Today brings 15-20 on the north coast and 20-25 at the central coast with a 5 foot swell. Tomorrow looks like 20-25 in the north and 25-30 at Florence with a 7 foot northwest swell. Sailable and kiteable northerlies hold through Tuesday, at least, for a small craft advisory from Seaside down to North Bend.

Quite frankly, tomorrow holds epic possibility (depending on how big the 7 foot NW swell ends up being)…

If you want plain old boring exercise the next few days, dust off your road bike and ride before the mercury climbs back into the nineties. If you want company, there’s a very fast group ride on Monday night out of Mountain View Cycles in Hood River. There may also be a much slower, no spandex allowed, beer and nacho ride at 6pm out of Mountain View. Then again, there may not be.

Mountain bikers, the recent rain left trails near st. Helens in great shape, so if you have the time, head up there!


  1. Bernard Seeger |

    Hey Temira, just as an FYI, the CL triathlon is the 30th instead of the 29th, http://www.trifreak.com/. Plus on the 29th, the Pacific Crest Trails Association, is hosting the 3rd Annual Pacific Crest Trails Days on Thunder Island in Cascade Locks. Should be a really great event with a slide show from a through hiker i.e. all 2,400 and something miles, plus a very funny film from another through hiker from California. In the day they are doing some trail crew work and they are also doing a fun hike to enjoy this national treasure. All the details are at http://www.pcta.org/pct-day-2009/index.php. Come on out and enjoy our fabulous marine park and thunder island.

  2. Waveguru |

    The marine deck is the line where it gets cloudy. The marine air comes up the gorge and disapates at some point. That’s the deck.

  3. Arthur |

    I really like your website, however, it is a bit exclusive or internally focused you might say. I have lived here 23 years now and don’t know where any of the bike trails are you refer to. Is there a map with the names of the trails on it?

    English is my one and only language. So what is a marine deck? “a solid marine deck”. I have looked in the Webster dictionary, Wikipedia, Mass’s book, “The Weather of the Pacific Northwest” and an Atmosphere Science field book; no reference to a marine deck. Googling Marine deck doesn’t help. There is a deck surrounding 2/3 of my house, but I live on land so that would be a terrestrial deck I guess.

    I’m looking forward to the next two wind free days so I can fly my model airplanes.