8/15 Gorge wind and events

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 August 15, 2012

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Before you read on, please remember that it’s Pledge Drive Month here at The Gorge is my Gym. Yep, you get it on NPR, you get it on C89.5 and now you get it in your wind and snow forecast. Here’s the scoop: If I get donations totaling $15 or more on a given day, I’ll post a forecast the next day. If not, only the people on the mailing list get the forecast. $12 or more gets you on the mailing list. Thanks for understanding that I have to make a living doing this (and I love it and want it to be my job), and thank you for your support! I’ll do my best to keep the red dot or green dot below updated.

Tomorrow’s forecast status: Thank you! 12:40pm

Today’s sponsor: Celilo Inn, The Dalles. When you’re visiting The Gorge, you need a place to stay. Hood River’s a little short on hotel rooms and vacation rentals. So, try The Dalles, up-and-coming with yummy food and fun bars with a we-live-here-not-just-vacation-here vibe. Where do you stay? Celilo Inn on the east hill above town, with spectacular views of the river and the dam and locks. Suite rooms with views of the Columbia. Big pillow-top mattresses. A pool. A fire pit. A mini gym. Adventure packages with whitewater rafting and wine tours. And it’s not just for tourists: Celilo Inn can give you locals an escape from the crazy summer bustle of Hood River.

If you like hot weather, you’re in for a treat, as today’s going to be in the 90’s and the next two days will likely hit triple digits. My take on that? Blech. Hot. NOAA’s also talking thunderstorms on Saturday, but it looks like the best chance will happen late Saturday night, if at all. At least that will set us up for a gorgeous sunrise on Sunday. However, Saturday will be wicked hot and muggy. It’s going to be a fabulous day for whitewater kayaking, with the White Salmon currently at 2.5ft.

So the hot weather people are happy now, but the wind people are not feeling the love today. We start with very light west wind, switching to east wind at 21-24 by midday today as high pressure builds over the desert and a thermal low sits over the coast. Tomorrow brings another round of east wind in the low twenties at both Stevenson and Rooster Rock. On Friday and Saturday, the wind shuts off, leaving the Gorge in triple digits with calm weather.

The coast should be north at 15-18 today, with 20-25 central, but the wind shuts down tomorrow and Friday, at least. The surfing should be great, with 4′ at 12 seconds or so and 90 degrees (yes, really) in the forecast for areas north of Lincoln City. What sort of wetsuit do you wear in 50 degree water when it’s 90 degrees outside? I dunno…

Remember that Friday is the Positively Kai standup paddle event at Hood River’s waterfront park. It’s the best babysitter ever! If your kids don’t have the gear, don’t worry, because there will be plenty of demo gear, a clinic first thing in the morning, lunch and races, along with plenty of time to hang with the pro paddlers. Sign your kids up now at positivelykai.com or get more info at bigwinds.com.

That’s Friday. On Saturday, bring the kids to Bingen for the Kids in Motion bike and run festival, raising money for the White Salmon Bike Park.

Have an awesome day today!