8/15 Choose Wisely forecast

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 August 15, 2009

The windy streak continues today, making it fourteen out of fifteen or so for August. There was a solid cloudline this morning, the early morning Portland to the Dalles gradient was at .07 and the wind was blowing in the teens at 6am. That’s not huge, but by miday, we’ll see 21-24 in the Corridor. By afternoon, winds fill in from Stevenson out to Doug’s in the 22-25 range.

That high pressure pushes inland tomorrow, setting up a lighter day in the Gorge. If we get wind, it’s going to be in the 17-20 range early, fading as Portland heats up in the afternoon.

Get your windsurfing and kiting and sailboating in this weekend, because fishing and wakeboarding weather returns on Monday. High pressure builds across the Northwest and temperatures climb into the 90’s, for a return to summer heat.

As the wind fades in the Gorge, it picks up at the coast. Sunday and Monday look good at the central coast, with 20-25 knot winds combining with a 5 foot swell on Sunday and 7 foot swell on Monday. The North Coast looks a bit lighter, with 15 to 20 the call for Sunday and Monday.

In two-wheel news, road bikers have the Ladyfinger ladies only ride out of 10 Speed coffee this morning at 9am. If you missed it, come next week!

Save some energy for this evening. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (another of the best cheesy movies ever!) plays at Jackson Park in Hood River tonight. Choose wisely…


  1. Waveguru |

    Temira, it looks like there is just enough room at the top of this page, all the way to the right, for a tab for a Soaring forecast? I’ll write that one for you…


    • Temira |

      Hi Gary… maybe we could work something out with a banner ad for you!

  2. Waveguru |

    Love your site, thanks from all the glider pilots!

    You mention that the winds at the coast will pick up as they fade here. What direction are you predicting for the coast winds?

    • Temira |

      Sorry… unless otherwise stated, the coastal forecast is for north winds. I’ll try and remember to mention that. T