8/13 Forecast

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 August 13, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s report is brought to you by Gath Helmets. You wear a helmet while road bike, you wear a helmet mountain biking, you wear a helmet dirt biking. A helmet is a good idea while you’re windsurfing and kiting too. Sure, helmets in the past were just plain dorky, but not any more. Check out some of the cool styles from Gath here.Gath helmets are thin, light and close-fitting. You’ll barely notice they’re on, until you smack your head (or someone else does) and the helmet saves your life. Consider picking one up. I’ve been wearing mine for years, and I’m still around. I probably shouldn’t be, the way I sail. Buy one. One of the people on the email list is going to win their choice of a free Gath helmet this week. That’s a sweet prize, I think. (and if you’re not on the list, subscribe by clicking the donate button below)

The August west wind streak has finally come to an end, with a final tally of 12 out of 12 windy days. The west winds might be done, but we’ll see building easterlies today. Watch Stevenson and Rooster Rock for a good chance of 16-19 this afternoon.

High pressure intensifies over the Norhtwest tomorrow, sending Portland into the mid-nineties. Hood River will be a little cooler, with temps in the low nineties. This setup will give us east winds in the 22-26 range both tomorrow and Sunday.

If it’s before 9 o’clock, you can join the Disco Divas for a ride on Hospital Hill. They’re meeting at the Spring Street Corral at 9am. If you can’t make today’s ride, they do an all-girls mountain bike ride every Friday. Give Discover Bikes a call for more information.

Coming up this weekend, it’s the Doubled Damned sailboat race, with a new course due to the easterlies. Come down to Cascade Locks and cheer for wind forecaster Bart and his crew on Slowly Going Grey. Also this Saturday, assuming there’s some wind, it’s the King of the Hook longboard freestyle contest at the Hook at 5pm.

On Saturday from 6-7pm, there’s a welcome home party for Mike Jacoby at Mike’s house in Underwood. Bring cookies.

And finally, on Sunday, there’s a bikini car wash at the British Pub at 1pm to pay for Claire’s stolen 5 meter gray Slingshot Fuel. If you stole the kite, you can drop it off at 2nd Wind, no questions asked. The rest of you, get your car washed on Sunday!

Boaters, the White Salmon’s at 2 feet and the Klickitat’s at 860 cfs.

Have a great day today!


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