8.12 Forecast

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 August 12, 2009

A weak front dissipates over western Oregon today, keeping Portland in the clouds and setting up a weak thermal gradient through the Gorge this afternoon. A light start early this morning gives way to a slowly building westerlies. By afternoon, winds top out in the 18-22 range through the corridor, if the clouds back off, otherwise best winds will be out near Lyle and The Dalles.

Tomorrow’s looking stronger as the low off the BC coast heads southwest-ward through northern Washington. Put that low east of the Cascades and combine it with weak high pressure off the coast. That gives us 23-26 east of the cloudline by midday and 26-29 from Doug’s to Maryhill, maybe as far as Arlington, by early evening. I’m going to pick Doug’s as the windiest spot tomorrow. For less wind, head to Stevenson.

The low pressure slides further east Friday, and high pressure holds off the coast. Winds shift into the corridor. It’s a low-twenties start tomorrow with upper twenties likely for the rest of the day.

In other news, tonight is the Hood River sailboat races, and it’s also the Hood River Weather Website potluck. Just google Hood River Weather and check out the website for local weather and potluck information.

Tomorrow’s the Post and Pint Bike ride out of Dirty Fingers bike repair. The trail might just be less dusty after last night’s rain. Looking ahead to the weekend, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade plays on the bigscreen, outdoors at Jackson Park on Saturday night.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


  1. Bernard Seeger |

    Hey Tamira, continue to enjoy your forecast and really appreciate all the plugs for the World Moth Sailing Regatta here in Cascade Locks. They are off today but then restart the racing for Thur, Fri, and Saturday.

    • Temira |

      Hi Bernard, Thanks for making CL an awesome sailing venue! Drop me an email when you have events going on down there (not just sailing), and I’ll do my best to plug them. Now I just have to get me a Moth…