8/12 forecast

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 August 12, 2010

Good morning!

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It’s looking like we’ll have one more day of west winds before it gets hot around here and sets off some east winds. With the early gradient at .08 and temperatures forecast to hit the 80’s in Portland today, the strongest, steadiest wind will be from Viento to Hood River this morning in the 18-22 range. Although models suggest the wind will die later, I think it’s going to stay windy until evening.

By tomorrow, the west wind streak will be over, with glassy conditions in the morning and light east wind in the afternoon. On Saturday, and upper level low sets up off the Oregon coast, driving east winds in the 22-26 range.

At this point, it’s not clear which way the wind will blow on Saturday.

Coming up after work tonight, there’s the Post and Pint ride out of Dirty Fingers. Meet at the shop at 5:30 for a lap around Post Canyon followed by refreshing cold drinks. Also tonight, and also at 5:30, is a free Crossfit workout down near the Event Site. Meet along the road just south of the Event Site to check out Crossfit. Bring along a steak or a potluck dish, because there’s a Crossfit BBQ afterwards.

Also tonight, but much later, starting around midnight, is the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. Head somewhere dark with a view of the northern sky for 60 meteors and fireballs per hour, maybe even more.

If you’re a mountain biker gal, tomorrow is the Disco Divas ride. Meet at the Spring Street Corral at 9:30am for a lap on Hospital Hill.

Boaters, the White Salmon’s at 2 feet and the Klickitat’s at 860 cfs.

Have a great day today!


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  1. Chris |

    I talked to a guy today who sailed all 19 of them. 25 days straight including the Easterlies before that. I think he took today off.

  2. Temira |

    Chris, thank you so much. I was wondering how long the windy streak actually lasted, and you saved me the trouble of looking at iWindsurf’s archives. Much appreciated!

  3. Chris |

    The last 7 days of July were also windy, so the west wind streak actually lasted 19 days in a row. Not too bad.