8/11 forecast – Don’t forget the Perseids!

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 August 11, 2009

I just want to give another big thanks to everyone who sponsored, helped out with or participated in Kiteboarding for Cancer. As of last count, they’d raised $58,000 for local cancer charities. Now that there’s kiteboarding fro cancer and standup for cnacer, it’s time for you windsurfers to get involved too. Anyone out there want to team up with the kiters and make it an all-wind and water event next year?

Speaking of wind and kites, westerlies continue today A weak front is stalled along the coast and a low is rotating near BC. The combo gave us some marine deck this morning, and that drives thermals today. We had light westerlies early. As the front moves eastward, winds build to 17-20 by midday from Stevenson down to Mosier. By late afternoon, we should see 21-24 at Stevenson, Avery, Doug’s and out to Arlington.

Models are still presenting a mixed picture tomorrow. My best guess is we’ll start off light and then see 12-15 late in the afternoon, just enough for Hood River’s Wednesday sailboat races.

The BC low shifts westward on Thursday, and that should give us some decent west winds in the 20-something-plus range, along with a slight possibility of some rain to wet down the dusty mountain bike trails.

In other news, tonight is the peak of the Perseid Meteor shower. Look to the Northeast for up to 60 meteors and fireballs per hour. The peak should be around 1-2am.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!