8/1 Forecast

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 August 1, 2009

It’s another west wind day on the river today! The early gradient was holding at .09 and winds were in the ‘tweens from the Hatchery down to Dougs and Rowena. Westerlies hold in the 18-22 range this morning. Midday heat will beat down the wind, but we’ll see a bit of a ressurgance this afternoon into the 21-24 range (I’m being a bit optimistic here, but given that NOAA just threw that shortwave talk into the mix at 2:34am last night… well… ) as a shortwave approaches the Gorge, assuming thunderstorms don’t kick up.

The cooling breeze holds all night tonight, keeping your house from resembling an oven. Sunday’s wind starts out in the 17-20 range, picking up towards evening, maybe picking up a lot, as an upper low sends marine clouds up the coastal gaps.

That low pressure system crawls toward the coastline tomorrow night, sending marine clouds towards Portland and increasing Monday’s thermal gradient potential. Overnight winds rock the Gorge Sunday night, likely keeping you awake, but more importantly, cooling down your house.

Dawn patrol looks like Monday, with mid-twenties the early call.

On the non-windsport front today, there’s free yoga at Luhr Jensen beach at noon today. Bring your yoga mat. After that, there’s a big party at Double Mountain Brewery from noon til 10 tonight, and the movie King Kong plays at Jackson Park at sunset.

Tomorrow is a CGWA swap meet at the Expo center, and after you’re done with that, say, around 10am, you can head to the Event Site for the final standup paddle race of the year.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!