7/9 Gorge Wind and Events

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 July 9, 2012

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Wow. Last night’s sunset was out-of-this-world. Bright colors and lightning. What more could you want? The sunrise this morning wasn’t exactly spectacular, so I went back to sleep. And now your forecast is late. Sorry.

On the water today, it’s going to be a windy day. The gradient is already at .12, indicative of a big day on the way. We’ll have westerlies at 24-28 from Stevenson to Hood River in the morning (as soon as the wind gods wake up), picking up to 26-30 or more by mid-morning (or maybe early afternoon), holding through the afternoon and filling in at Doug’s and Rowena too. Even the eastern Gorge will get some breeze today, with 23-26 late all the way out at Arlington and Biggs.

Tomorrow starts off with strong westerlies at 24-28 near Hood River, backing off in the afternoon.Wednesday looks like the lightest wind day this week, with the westerlies backing off into the low to mid teens, but by Thursday afternoon, it’ll pick back up into the strong range, staying windy through next weekend. So, if you’ve got stuff to do that requires light wind, Wednesday looks like your day.

The wind next weekend has got to be good news for the folks at Kiteboarding for Cancer, because their big yearly fundraiser is next weekend at Hood River’s Event Site. If you’d like more information, check out KB4C.org. And for you bakers out there, KB4C is looking for cookie donations. Drop them off at the Event Site next Saturday by 11am.

Coming up this evening, it’s free Tai Chi time at Wilson Park in Hood River at 6pm. The workout week starts tomorrow with Tuesday night triathlon practice at the Event Site, and, weather permitting, the bladies standup paddle club, at the Big Winds trailer at the Event Site.

Have an awesome day today!