7/7 Gorge wind and events

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 July 7, 2012

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Windance is your source for just about everything: Kiteboarding, windsurfing, SUP, snow, surf, with a knowledgeable poser-free sales force there to help you choose the right gear. Plenty of demos ensure that you’ll love what you buy. Plus, Windance has the Gorge’s largest selection of used gear and 3 swap meets (next one: July 1st). Not only does Windance bring you great gear and great service, they bring you great parties, with free food, free beer, and the chance to hang out with all your wind-loving friends. Windance, open 7 days a week, 8am-6pm. The people who’ve donated have a chance to win a free wetsuit this week. Now, don’t you want to donate? =)

Before you read on, please remember that this report (wind, snow and events!) is brought to you free of charge. Nobody pays me to do this unless you do! If the report saves you time, money, keeps you in the loop, or just helps you have more fun, please take the time to

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Get ready for our first real heat wave of the season: we’re going to see upper eighties and nineties for the next several days. Luckily, we’ll have some west wind to cool things off: today starts with 10-15, picking up to 16-19 midday and holding. Tomorrow starts off with 13-15, hopefully holding though the afternoon as a heat-mitigation measure. Monday looks a lot windier, with upper twenties near Hood River, and we’ll still have some sort of cooling breeze on Tuesday. All of this wind will be centered on the Stevenson to Hood River section of the river, with lighter wind out east.

If you want to escape the heat, consider the coast, where the wind will be in the mid-twenties from Oceanside to Florence with a 4 to 5 foot swell. Coast wind takes a bit of a break on Monday, and then returns on Tuesday and sticks around for a while.

That thunderstorm chance I mentioned yesterday is still around for the weekend. We’ll see a slight chance today, but I’ll be surprised if we don’t see thunderstorms tomorrow night, probably after 5pm, with the strongest thunderstorm chances continuing through midday Monday. Kiters, just a reminder that electricity was discovered using a kite, and windsurfers, remember that carbon fiber is conductive. If you see lightning, exit the water.

In events, there’s Windfest at the Event Site today and Sunday, with all sorts of free demos, and free beginner windsurfing lessons, if you have friends who want to give poleboarding a shot. On Sunday, there’s a multi-sport swap meet at the Expo Center parking lot, brought to you by CGWA. In bike news today, the HRATS are working on Post Canyon trails to get them ready for the Super D. Tonight, there’s the Big Wheel racing, a benefit for Kiteboarding for Cancer at the British Pub and it’s Volcanic’s second anniversary party.

In other bike news, Ape Canyon / Plains of Abraham trail on St. Helens is now open. No, I don’t know about Smith Creek, but it’s usually a couple of weeks after the Plains trail. In other news, the latest update I can find about Cloud Cap Road is from the 28th of June. That update states that they have postponed opening the road due to hazard trees, and that they don’t have a reopening date.

Have an awesome day today!