7/3 Tomorrow we blow s$*t up. Today we play in the water.

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 July 3, 2010

Good morning!

This week’s report is brought to you by 2nd Wind Sports at 210 Oak in Hood River. If you haven’t been in for a few years, come check it out. It’s a whole new shop! 2nd Wind has the best staff; they’ve all lived in the Northwest long enough to know where to find the best hiking, biking, kiting and windsurfing, and they’re happy to hook you up with the 411 on the best places to go. Stop by 2nd Wind today and say hi to the 2 Claires and the rest of the gang!

West winds are going to hold through the weekend, which is great news for all the weekend warriors and out-of-town visitors here for the holiday. The early gradient was at .07 this morning, and westerlies were already in the upper teens from Viento down to the Doug’s, despite marine clouds over Hood River. Strongest, steadiest wind will likely be at Mosier until the clouds burn back, but the winds will hold from Viento out to Doug’s in the 17-20 range today, with a little less at the Sandbar.

Tomorrow looks like a repeat of today, with upper teens through the western Gorge all day. At this point, it looks like we’ll see a final west wind day on Monday, before high pressure fills in across the Northwest, temperatures skyrocket, and winds turn easterly.

Mountain bikers, I talked to the ranger station at Mt. St Helens yesterday, and they say people have been riding Plains of Abraham. Apparently there’s a little snow left, but Ape Canyon, Smith Creek and the Plains of Abraham are open! I haven’t talked to anyone who’s ridden it yet, but the ranger wouldn’t lie, right?

Boaters, the White Salmon’s just below three feet and the Klickitat’s dropping really quickly – it’s at 1640 cfs. If you want to watch some cool aerial boating moves tonight, there’s an informal get together at Top Drop, at the BZ Corners put-in, at 6:30, followed by boater social hour. We’re still planning on some sort of all-day boating extravaganza on Wednesday or Thursday, to beat the heat, so contact me if you’re interested.

Finally, the Maryhill festival of speed continues today, with street luge and downhill skateboarding by some of the world’s finest athletes on the world’s finest pavement, the Maryhill loop road.

That’s it for today. Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!


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