7/25 Gorge wind and events

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 July 25, 2012

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Today looks like the lightest wind day this week, so if you need light wind for what you want to do, today is the day! You know, road biking, spraying pesticides, scattering fertilizer, lying in a hammock in the shade… that kind of stuff. We’ll see 5-10 in the western Gorge this morning, picking up to 10-15 midday and 15-18 this afternoon as the temperature difference between Portland and The Dalles gets a west breeze blowing.

Tomorrow brings a little more wind, with 10-15 in the morning rising to 17-21 in the afternoon from Stevenson to Hood River, filling in to The Dalles late in the day.

On Friday, we’ll see the onshore flow pick up quite a bit, with 21-24 early from Stevenson to Hood River, picking up to 24-28 from Stevenson to Maryhill in the afternoon. Looking ahead to the weekend, there’s more wind on the way for you weekend warriors. Low twenties on Saturday and mid-twenties on Sunday is the long-range outlook.

For events this evening, there’s the Kayak Shed’s shop paddle on the White Salmon River, running at 2.85′. If you haven’t seen the photo yet, head on over to Wet Planet’s Facebook page, where there’s a photo of a steelhead trying to clear Husum Falls. After 100 years of no fish in the river, they’re back!

Also tonight, there’s families at Family Man at 5:30, kid friendly biking on Hood River’s beginning bike skills area, there’s the Post and Pinot women’s mountain bike ride (also 5:30), and there’s sailboat racing out of the Hood River Marina. It looks like tonight will be a perfect night to be out on a sailboat, so wander down to the Marina around 5:45 with some baked goods or a six-pack, and you might just be able to bribe your way onto a boat!

Don’t forget about the Gorge Farm Tour, coming up this Sunday. Check out the Gorge Grown Food Network’s website for more information.

Have an awesome day today!