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 July 25, 2011

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Now, your forecast:

Wow. Did anyone else see the lightning over Mt. Adams around 4am? The radar image implies we still have thunderstorms going in Portland and over Adams if you feel like you missed out.

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Before I get to the forecast, I’d like to share a story with you. There’s a bike shop in town called Dirty Fingers. It’s become more than a bike shop; it’s a community of friends who ride together and drink beer together and just happen to get their broken bikes repaired in the same place. In Sandpoint Idaho, there’s a new shop called Greasy Fingers. This shop’s imitation goes far beyond flattery. (warning, story contains profanity)

Okay, now on to the forecast. The gradient from PDX-DLS this morning is a stunning .18. See, we topped 90 degrees yesterday, and now the cool air is back with only 75 degrees forecast for today. That cooldown is a recipe for wind. As of 5am, it was already blowing in the upper teens through the Gorge. We’ll see a quick pickup to 23-26 from Hood River to The Dalles this morning, building to 28-33 from Hood River to Arlington this afternoon. This whole high cloud/thunderstorm problem could be an issue today (mostly because I can’t peg where the marine layer ends), but I don’t think I’d be wrong sending you to the Doug’s/Mosier/Maryhill sections of river if you’re looking for 30+.

Cool air sticks around in the western Gorge tomorrow. Morning wind speeds will be 17-20 or so from Hood River to The Dalles, picking up to 24-27 east of Mosier in the afternoon. The westerlies keep blowing through the Gorge on Wednesday, with 19-23 pretty much all day long.

If you’re a mountain biker, the news today is that the High Prairie trail is now open with all downed trees cleared, so you can now link High Prairie, Knebal, the Da Kine trail, Surveyor’s and Oak Ridge for 25 miles of singletrack, all of which I rode yesterday and am suffering from with sore legs now. I’d like to point something out: Riding up Oak Ridge at 2:30 in the afternoon on a 90+ degree day is a dumb idea. I don’t usually judge people for foolish recreating, but the two pairs we saw riding up in the blazing sun yesterday are going to end up with a Darwin Award. Ape Canyon update: Open, BUT snow at the top, a few downed trees, and snow starting at 3700’ on Abraham Plain. Smith Creek is still no-go due to snow at 3500’. Who wants to be the guinea pig?

Coming up this evening, you’ll find free Tai Chi at Wilson Park in Hood River at 5:30. Also this evening, the Alternative Ride leaves Mountain View Cycles for a slow, casual ride to the Thirsty Woman for drinks and dinner. Everyone is welcome on this ride – it’s not competitive – but you will need a helmet and some sort of light, as you’ll be coming back along the twin tunnels trail after sunset, and you’ll probably have a buzz on, and we all know that beer and bikes don’t mix.

Oh, and the White Salmon is down to 3.25 feet.


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  1. Tony Yinger |

    Bennett pass to High Prairie via Gunsight Ridge trail report. The dirt road from Bennett pass to the Gunsight Ridge trail was clear. The Gunsight Ridge trail has 15-20 downed trees along with 20-30 snow patches that have to be walked. What should have taken us 1.5 hours took 2.5 to arrive at Gumjueac (how is that spelled?). The road from there to High Praire had only two tree crossing early on then it was clear to High Prairie with great views of Hood and Adams. Trail 450 was clear as you reported and a blast to ride as always.