7/23. It’s Tuesday. We have wind (probably), events (for sure), and a $3 cover charge.

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 July 23, 2013

It’s Now “THANK YOU” Drive Month

This is Temira.

This is Temira.

Thanks for coming here for your forecast. The “pay Temira for forecasting” drive is over (but if you want to get on the email list, make a donation of $12 or more by clicking on the sun) so now I’m asking for thank you notes for the rest of July! “WHAT?”, you say, “I thought this was free and written by some paid NOAA chick!” Free, yes. Written by some paid chick, no, unless people donate. But you’ve all been so generous this month with donations that I’m just asking for thank you notes for the last week of July. A note won’t get you on the mailing list, but it will make my day. I’ll smile. Maybe I’ll cry. Why? Because I like to be appreciated more than you can appreciate. So, send me a quick email using complete sentences, telling me why you use this forecast, and you’ll make my day. Truly. And probably make your day too.

(Fine print: I must get one thank you note per day or I will not post a forecast the next day.)
Tomorrow’s forecast status:
Thank you Woody, Brian, Charlie and Ian for your kind words of thanks today. You guys mean the world to me!

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Good morning,

Where ya gonna go when the wind don’t blow?
SUP Paddlers!

Who ya gonna see when the river’s glassy?
SUP Paddlers!

The Gorge SUPer Club is a family friendly nonprofit just started in the Gorge. Membership includes access to all the club’s brand new SUPS and carbon paddles. Mail inquiries to Stephen’s email addy. We’re giving away five single-day passes to members of the email list…

Temira’s random morning thoughts

So what I meant to say yesterday was… it’ll start off gusty and weird, and then when the weather system finally moves through, it’ll steady out and rip. Right. Well, windy is windy, but I’d really prefer to get the time of day exactly right so I can plan my day down to the minute. I’m sure you’d prefer perfection on my part too!

Speaking of windy, it appears that someone turned the wind switch to “on” and broke it. Gotta love a Neutral year. Sure, La Nina is fun for skiing, but I’ll take average snowfall and nuking summer wind over endless powder skiing. Windsurfing. Is. Fun. All we need to do now is figure out how to predict when the waves will be good, and we’ll be golden. I see another obsessive-compulsive learning mission in my future…

Wind forecast

Looks like today’s one for the lighter wind crowd. That’s a forecast that will turn me into one of those annoying kit-clad spandex weenies. Anyone want to ride to Home Depot to look at chest freezers with me? (any excuse to ride 40 miles – you know me!)

Models still insist we’ll see zero wind midday. Screw the models. It’s cloudy in Portland. There’s .08 gradient. We’ll see 15-18 near Hood River all day, with a brief period of 17-21 both mid-morning and late afternoon. Stevenson will join the fun mid-morning, and Lyle/Rowena/Doug’s will join the fun late in the afternoon.

Tomorrow and Thursday sees the wind centered in the western Gorge again, with 17-21, or maybe 21-23, right off the bat tomorrow, holding all day. Thursday sees low to mid twenties early, picking up to the mid twenties later. Friday, Saturday and Sunday all look windy. Sorry road bikers. Today is your day.

On the coast, from Oceanside to Florence, expect 15-20 today, 15-20 tomorrow, and 20-25 Thursday with NW 3@7 today slowly building to 5@7 on Thursday. Jones Beach looks quite windy tomorrow and probably Thursday.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Stevenson 0-10 10-15 15-18 15-18
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) 5-10 15-18 15-18 17-21
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle 0-10 0-10 15-18 17-21
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall 0-10 0-10 7-11 11-13
Arlington / Roosevelt 0-10 0-10 7-11 11-13

The Clymb: free membership. Cheap gear. Temira approves. Click to join.

Bike News

Tomorrow night brings two group bike rides: there’s one for the kids, and one for the ladies. Women and children. Men, you should show up and be chivalrous. At 5:30pm, Families at Family Man brings you kid-friendly riding. Meet at the bottom of Post Canyon Road to ride to Family Man, or meet at Family Man. Tiny children on strider bikes are welcome.

Tomorrow night is also the Post n’ Pinot mountain bike ride at Dirty Fingers. All women are welcome. Men are welcome, but they must wear a tutu and a wig (and if you do this, you are a real man). Meet at the shop at 5:30 or the bottom of Post Canyon Road at 6pm. Complete the ride, and a free beer or glass of wine awaits you.

Very Important News

Tonight is triathlon practice with the Columbia Gorge Tri Club. The practice has moved from the Event Site to Rowena this week. Meet at 6:15. Also tonight, at the Hood River Marina as always, it’s pickup touch rugby, open to everyone, including beginners. Tonight is also outdoor music at the Ruins with Portland band Radiation.

Unfortunately, Springhouse is charging a $3 cover starting this week. My guess is that this will reduce the popularity of this great weekly event, fun not for the drinking (did I mention that I don’t like beer?), but because it’s a great opportunity to dress up and socialize in a big crowd of people. It’s like First Friday, but radder. It’s also been a great event for kids and family, and no longer will be if parents have to pay $3 for each little one. Springhouse, ya gotta do what you gotta do, but something just feels wrong to me about this.

At 8;15am tomorrow, Molly K has her watersports warmup at Cascade Kiteboarding at 8:15am. Tomorrow night’s a busy one: there’s sailboat racing at the Hood River Marina, and there’s a group paddle on the White Salmon along wit.h the aforementioned bike rides. At 4pm tomorrow, there’s Karma Yoga, by donation, at Flow Yoga.

Next weekend is a busy one in the western Gorge, with three wind-dependent events: There’s sailboat racing Friday-Sunday in Cascade Locks, there’s the Bridge of the Gods Kiteboarding Festival in Stevenson and there’s the Wildside Relay outrigger and surfski race. It’s a long ways out to be making a call, but at this point, it does look like we’ll see wind for all those events, at least in the afternoon after the clouds burn off.

Have an awesome day today!