7/22 forecast: contains summer

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 July 22, 2011

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Now, your forecast:

Forget about this wind stuff. MOBIUS IS NOW OPEN!!! (…chorus of “huh” “what?” and “wtf is she talking about?” in the background…) Come on guys, it’s the new trail that climbs from lower Seven Streams to the top of Spaghetti Factory in Post Canyon. This is truly a big deal. Seriously. Many thanks go out to Doug Van Zandt for all his hard work! (If you’re super-stoked and would like to make a donation – Doug is going to kill me for saying this, btw. This isn’t coming from him. – you can kick him down some cash for materials and the trailbuilding fund at his PayPal account: dvz12 at hotmail)

The Clymb: free membership.
Access to super cheap gear including Trew, Zeal, Sierra Designs, and many more.

Okay, you guys are wind junkies, I know. I was just teasin’ you. The wind will stick around today, with 13-15 from Stevenson to Hood River, holding through the afternoon and then fading late in the day.

And now, before y’all get the rest of the forecast, I’m hoping you can help me out with some information (am I annoying today, or what?): I need the skinny on local Subaru dealers (that includes Portland and Vancouver and the Gorge), and I know you guys are Subaru owners. So, if you’ve picked up a Subie in the last two or three years, could you drop me a quick note saying where you got it and what you think of the dealer? I know I can read the reviews online, but I trust you guys… kinda like you trust me. So, thank you for your help. =)

Okay, back to your (fairly) regularly scheduled forecast: Tomorrow looks completely glassy on the river, at least in the morning as high pressure builds across the Cascades, sending temperatures into the mid-eighties. We may see some very light east wind in the afternoon. I know Dan B. has a wakeboard boat and so does Cathy C. and Scotty F. and maybe Tom S., so track one of them down tomorrow.

We’ll start off glassy on Sunday, but late in the afternoon cool air will push in from the coast. The wind will jump to 24-26 at Stevenson and 18-22 from Home Valley to Mosier. It should be a fun, warm day on the water, with temperatures around 90 through the Gorge. Looking ahead to Monday, there’s a big cooldown coming, so theoretically we should see a big day on the water. However, it looks like there’s a bit of a front coming through during the day, meaning it’s probably going to do this: 90-120 good minutes at the Hatch/Sandbar, becoming gusty and kicking in at Stevenson and Arlington in the mid to upper twenties.

Coming up on Saturday, there are a couple of group road bike rides. The fast ride leaves Ground Coffee in Hood River at 8am and the less fast ride leaves at 8:30. Also on Saturday, meeting at 11 at Husum, there’s the World Kayak and Kayak Shed paddle on the White Salmon, with demo boats and an after-paddle barbeque. I am not sure if the food is free or not, but you have to be a kayaker to partake. Speaking of free food, Henni’s in White Salmon is the sponsor starting next week, and we have some pretty sweet treasure hunts prepared for you coming up in August.

Have an awesome day today!


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  1. John W. |

    Temira, contact Gresham Subaru. Bill Boyd is the shop foreman there and is an old friend of mine from Mt. Hood Ski Patrol…he was a president while Lisa Hargrave was his vice pres. Bill can maybe steer you to the right deal and surely can take care of your Subaru.

    Are you wondering…I’m Lisa’s dad, the Rev. John

  2. Jim T |

    Hey Temira, Tell the person who took care of Spaghetti Factory she did a great job!! 😉 ! The rest of the Boot will be done tomorrow.

    • Temira |

      I thought she needed to go back and do the upper part. =) Thanks for doing the Boot!

  3. Wilton |

    Your should post the outcome of your Subaru dealer search. I am looking also.

    I know this is off topic but you started it.