7/20 Gorge wind and events (**** you, rain)

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 July 20, 2012

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I do have some nice business sponsors who give away prizes for my email recipients, people who’ve donated. This week’s is Gor’Gelato. Gelato looks and tastes similar to ice cream, but has a much lower fat content and is also much denser. Your ice cream: full of air. Gelato: full of flavor. Gor’gelato is no 31 flavors; the flavor of the day depends on available fruit and gelato master Sonya’s whim when she wakes up. Yes, you heard right. The gelato is made fresh every morning. Now you want some, don’t you? Gor’gelato is located outdoors, in the Oak St. courtyard between Doppio, Cerulian wine and Zella Shoes. Look for the big green umbrella. David and Sonya, the husband-wife team, look forward to seeing you and sharing some delicious gelato with you. Open 11:30-7 or 8 or 9 daily.
A very bad thing happened last night. Yes, there was beautiful lightning, including a bolt that touched ground less than 100 yards from where I was watching the storm. But there was lightning in the forest too. And worse, there was rain in Odell. Torrential rain on my friends’ cherries. Think good thoughts for them today. Cooling, drying thoughts. Thoughts of not-split cherries.

There’s still plenty of convection in the atmosphere; Cascade Locks, at 6:30am, was under the very strong thunderstorm bullseye. A chance of thunderstorms is going to continue here in the Gorge for a few more hours.

Next, before I forget again, if you lost an diamond wedding ring in Post Canyon at some point, please email me. A friend of mine found one there recently, and would like to return it to the owner.

Third, as of today, the Event Site is tossing you kiters back to the sandbar. No more launching and landing on the grass for you. Back to the sandbar with those kites! (That includes you, RoShamThrowDown, but doesn’t include the North American Laser Championships in Cascade Locks)

Despite the messy atmospheric conditions, it’s windy. .12 on the gradient-o-meter and lots of marine clouds in Hood River say we’ll see 17-20, near Hood River with a quick bump to 24-28 east of Hood River, fading to 22-25 this afternoon. Tomorrow starts off light, but picks up to 15-18 late in the day, and Sunday looks super windy near Hood River (28-32?), as high pressure off the coast combines with low pressure in the desert for strong, steady wind.

In Post Canyon news, the timber contractor will be out there today putting up “closed” signs on Seven Streams trail. Please respect the closure and stay off the trail from now until when it reopens sometime this fall. Trust me, I understand your sadness and your frustration. Please remember, while you’re grieving, that our beloved trails do run through a working tree farm. My one hope is that the loss of the forest around our trail will spur people to get involved, but not in the counterproductive negative act of fighting with the county or berating and demeaning the local trails organizations. Instead, I’d hope that people choose to take the positive step of working with the HRATS and CAMBA and donating money so they can build sustainable trails throughout Hood River County.

(Stepping off soapbox now)

Finally, If you’re out driving around tomorrow, please watch out for cyclists doing Jackson’s Ride the Gorge. They’ll be riding from Hood River to The Dalles, Cooper Spur and Lost Lake, so be careful on those roads. For more information about this cool fundraising ride, benefitting the Jackson Hill Foundation, visit JacksonsRidetheGorge.com. Also tomorrow, the Hybrid Adventure Race at the Hood River Marina.

Have an awesome day today!