7/2 Please vote for our local charity today. Read on for the forecast and the details.

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 July 2, 2012

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Windance is your source for just about everything: Kiteboarding, windsurfing, SUP, snow, surf, with a knowledgeable poser-free sales force there to help you choose the right gear. Plenty of demos ensure that you’ll love what you buy. Plus, Windance has the Gorge’s largest selection of used gear and 3 swap meets (next one: July 1st). Not only does Windance bring you great gear and great service, they bring you great parties, with free food, free beer, and the chance to hang out with all your wind-loving friends. Windance, open 7 days a week, 8am-6pm. The people who’ve donated have a chance to win a free wetsuit this week. Now, don’t you want to donate? =)

Before you read on, please remember that this report (wind, snow and events!) is brought to you free of charge. Nobody pays me to do this unless you do! If the report saves you time, money, keeps you in the loop, or just helps you have more fun, please take the time to

make a donation. Suggested minimum: $12. That gets you on the mailing list and in the running for prizes. That’s $1/month You pay more than that in gas driving to the beach or the mountain. I know I’ve saved you that much. Kick down! Thank you for your support!

First off this morning, our local charity Athletes for Cancer, run by local do-gooder Tonia Farman, is in a one-day contest to receive a car from Toyota to help them do their cancer survivorship camps. Tonia’s words: Athletes for Cancer’s SUP & Surf Survivorship program is a finalist in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program. Help A4C win a new Toyota Sienna Minivan for their camps. These camps empower teens and young adults with cancer to find confidence, strength and life renewal through the healing power of the ocean in standup paddling, surfing, and outrigger canoeing. Visit 100 Cars For Good TODAY ONLY, JULY 2 to vote.

Second, if you thought it was wet last month, you were right. It was the second wettest June on record., at least at PDX. Looks like we’re headed into either a neutral year or el nino soon, so that should be the end of the wet weather records for a bit.

In wind news today, we’ll start off with west wind at 5-15, and the wind will stay pretty light through mid-morning. Then a weather system starts moving in this afternoon, making it quite wind in the upper valley. On the river, the wind picks up to 24-28 at Stevenson, 21-24 near Hood River, and 25-29 east of Mosier.

Tuesday morning sees high pressure off the coast and low pressure in the desert, for 23-26 in the western Gorge first thing in the morning, picking up a bit through the middle of the day. It’s probably going to be a Hatch, Hood River, Doug’s kind of day. The wind backs off Wednesday as a low pressure system rotates off the coast.

If you want to relax tonight, there’s free tai chi at Wilson Park in Hood River from 6 to 7.

Finally, don’t forget to go to 100 Cars for Good and vote for Athletes for Cancer, today only.

Have an awesome day today!