7/19. Friday’s forecast. Wind, events, and a bad word.

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 July 19, 2013

It’s Pledge Drive Month

Thanks for coming here for your forecast. It’s time for the summer pledge drive! “WHAT?”, you say, “I thought this was free!” It is. But I write the forecast every day – it takes a lot of time and energy. It’s my job, and you’re my employers! Here’s the deal: Every day someone has to pledge. If not, no website forecast: only the people on the email list get their forecast. Want on that list? Make a donation – whatever it’s worth to you for forecasts that find you fun and save you gas – $12 or more gets you on the list! Do it via PayPal/CC by clicking on the sun. Thank you so much for your support, and have a wonderful summer!

Fine print: pledges must total $15 or more for the forecast to appear the following day. Thank you!!

Tomorrow’s forecast status:
Thank you Witt! Everyone have a great day!

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Good morning,

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Temira’s random morning thoughts

It’s yet another lovely morning in the Gorge. Today, think some happy thoughts for all of your friends and mine who are currently broken and unable to play as hard as they’d like. Kathy, JJ, Gnarla, Nick and Tyler (I hope I didn’t forget anyone), this one’s for you. Jeff, you’re out, because I saw you mountain biking. We feel for you guys: being hurt sucks. And all of us want you to heal up fast and heal up fully. And for all you healthy people, appreciate being healthy. Appreciate the f**k out of it, because you never know when you could join the group on the sidelines.

Wind forecast

It’s amazing how much the forecast models can change from one day to the next. When I looked last night, today basically looked like a no-wind day. Now it’s going to be windy. Why? With a .11 gradient (pdx-dls) to start and clouds in Portland, we have a good Gorge setup. (btw, I looked at the webcam at PDX – I didn’t drive there to check. I’m environmentally conscious that way). 15-18 from Hood River to The Dalles early becomes 17-21 this morning, picking up to 21-24 from Stevenson to The Dalles this afternoon.

Tomorrow looks like a carbon copy of today. That was easy. Too easy. Something must be wrong.

On Sunday, a weak weather system brushes the Gorge. Timing will make a big difference, but at this point, it looks like we’ll see stronger west wind, likely in the mid to upper twenties, centered near Hood River.

Out on the coast (dang it, I forgot to put this in the email this morning), expect 30+ at Pistol for the next few days. Expect 20-25 everywhere else with NW 4@7 today, 5@7 tomorrow and 5@7 Sunday.

Today’s Gorge Wind
Your favorite beach Dawn
Stevenson 7-11 10-15 15-18 21-24
Hatch (subtract a few mph for Event Site) 15-18 17-21 21-24 21-24
Doug’s / Rowena / Lyle 15-18 15-18 21-24 21-24
Maryhill / Rufus / The Wall 7-11 7-11 7-11 7-11
Arlington / Roosevelt 7-11 7-11 7-11 7-11

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Bike News

Tomorrow in Cascade Locks, the NWTA folks have a campout at the EasyCLIMB trail. Bring your kids and their bikes for some riding and outdoor movies on the big screen. If you want to do some trail work, the boys will be out earlier in the day making an already rad trail radder.

Very Important News

If you’re interested in some paddling today, the folks doing the Gorge Outrigger Race this weekend have a social paddle from Stevenson to Home Valley today. Meet in Stevenson at 1pm to do the paddle. No, I do not know exactly where in Stevenson, but it’s a small place. Meet at the place with the people with the SurfSkis, SUPs and outrigger canoes. Then this weekend, there are surfski, SUP and outrigger races both days. Check out NWOutrigger.com for more information.

Today in Cascade Locks, it’s the Gorge Skiff Invitational race, and then it’s the WIND youth sailing regatta all this weekend.

In Trout Lake Saturday, it’s the Wild Woman Marathon. If you want to run 26 miles off-road with a bunch of cool gals, and then camp out for the night, join this event. Finally, if you’re headed out of town toward Bend this weekend, make sure to cheer on the racers in the Cascade Cycling Classic.

Have an awesome day today!