7/19 forecast

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 July 19, 2009

Good morning Gorge sports fanatics!

Today’s windy in the Gorge, and I suggest you get the westerlies today. Next week starts out hot and light, becoming really hot and really light with easterlies, most likely through Friday, at least.

An upper trough crossed BC early this morning, giving Gorge winds a needed boost. Today started off with the gradient at .13 and winds in the mid twenties at the Hatchery and Swell. I think we’ll have 24-27 this morning, holding for much of the day. With very little marine deck, there will be a big midday lull, followed by an afternoon mid-twenties session at Doug’s and Rowena.

East winds pick up through the Gorge tomorrow, actually building through the day. We’ll see 21-24 by afternoon in Stevenson. Tuesday looks like another round of easterlies.

With the easterlies blowing, many of you are going to be l ooking for other stuff to do this week. If you’re looking for mountain biking, you’re looking at a lot of dust. Inches of dust coat the 44 road trails and ball-bearings cover post canyon. So, check out Ape Canyon, Falls Creek or Lewis River for some good riding. We have people checking out the Siouxsan trail today. More info tomorrow.

And speaking of mountain biking, a big thanks go out to the nice people in the black pickup who picked me up Friday after I crashed my mountain bike!

Finally, don’t forget about the swap meet at Windance this morning!

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!