7/18 Gorge wind and events

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 July 18, 2012

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We got lucky yesterday, as the severe thunderstorms stayed east of The Dalles and not over our cherry orchards. We’ll see continued slight chances for thunderstorms over the next couple of days, before the atmosphere stabilizes on Friday, but yesterday should have been the worst of it.

With the unstable weather, we’ll have gusty west wind through the Gorge. The strongest wind today will be from Stevenson to Hood River this morning, with 18-23 early, picking up to 24-28 mid morning, possibly picking up to 26-30 for a bit midday. After noon, we’ll see 22-26 in the western Gorge and 24-28 east of Mosier.

Thursday morning starts with west wind at 10-15 from Stevenson ot Hood River, dropping midday and rising back to 17-20 from Stevenon to The Dalles in the afternoon. On Friday, we’ll see west wind in the low to mid twenties. As of this morning, Saturday looks like a light start with teens in the afternoon and Sunday looks quite windy.

In events today, the RoShamThrowDown continues at the Hood River sandbar. Plenty of wind today means plenty of action, so take the kids down to the Hood River Sandbar to watch stuff you usually only see on TV. Also today, come by Windance after 5pm to meet the Best Kiteboarding team.

Coming up tomorrow night, it’s your final chance to ride Seven Streams before it’s logged. Meet At Dirty Fingers at 5:30 for the Post and Pint ride, meet at the bottom of Post Canyon road at 5:30 for the mellow version, or meet for the wake at Dirty Fingers at 7:45. Please bring a finger-food dish to share.

Have an awesome day today!