7.16 sleepin’ in forecast

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 July 16, 2009

There’s nothing like sleeping in. Really sleeping in.

It’s another light wind start in the Gorge this morning. As the day goes on, temperatures soar, hitting 88 in Portland and 96 in The Dalles. That should be enough thermal gradient for another round of afternoon thermal wind through the corridor. Watch for 16-19 today, probably starting mid afternoon.

Tomorrow looks similar, with Portland at 91 and The Dalles at 98. I’ll say 17-21 late tomorrow afternoon is a reasonable call.

The wind picture gets better on Saturday afternoon, as a shortwave approaches. Timing is going to be key with this, but I think we’ll see 23-26, maybe better, late Saturday. A big marine push Sunday makes strong winds a distinct possibility.

Don’t forget that the Windsurfing Blowout is either Saturday or Sunday. That’s 17 miles downwind from Stevenson to Hood River. Sign up now at VMGevents.com. Also on Sunday is the Windance Swap meet.

In other news, This evening is Post and Pint at Diryt Fingers Bike repair, along with the Hood River Triathlon and Big Winds’ standup paddle races at the Event Site.

For something totally different, don’t forget The Neverending Story at Jackson Park on Saturday night. It’s the best cheesy 80’s movie ever, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there to yell “Falcor” and “atreyu”.

And finally, if you’ve been wondering what your rec report girl looks like, take a look at the current Hood River News.

And whatever you do today, have an awesome day!