7.14 Wind Forecast

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 July 14, 2009

Good morning Gorge sports fanatics! Patience was a virtue yesterday for everyone who caught the big swell and sub 3.7 wind at Arlington, Threemile and The Wall. Days like that don’t come often, and it was great to see the after-work crowd out too!

Windspeeds over the next few days don’t look like much compared to what we saw over the last few days. High pressure builds to our west and to our east, dropping gradients through the Gorge. We’ll have some residual wind today before high pressure blankets the Norhtwest. Winds hold in the 22-25 range this morning in the corridor, fading around midday..

By tomorrow, upper flow turns northerly, a bad thing for gorge westerlies. If you still haven’t had enough wind, don’t despair. The coast fires up over the next few days. Strongest winds will be at Pistol River in the 30-plus range. If you can’t make the long drive, the central coast sees 20-25 the next few days. Unfortunately, the swell is microscopic, at two feet, but flat ocean with wind is better than a glassy river with no wind, unless you have a ski boat!

It’s going to get hot this week, so start thinking of high-elevation mountain bike rides. Falls Creek is in excellent shape, as is Ape Canyon/Smith Creek loop. Road biking will be awsesome this week too. Think about riding up near Trout Lake or doing the climb to Lost Lake.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!