7/14 early guess forecast

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 July 13, 2010

Good morning!

This forecast was posted at 5pm Tuesday as a best guess for Wednesday morning. Why? Because your intrepid forecaster needs a good night of sleep once in a while. Did you know I’m actually a night owl? Yep… I’d much rather go to bed at 12:30 and get up at 9:00…

The forecast this week is brought to you Hood River’s best sail repair shop, Sail Repair at 13 Oak Street. Drop your sails off today, so they’re ready for the return of the big west winds by this weekend. Give Olaf a call at 806-3117 (HR area code), get him your sail by 5pm, and he’ll have it fixed by tomorrow at 9am. Olaf is the man, and he’ll make your sail good as new! Anyway, two of you are going to win $65 sail repair gift certificates this week, so get out there and break some gear!

The wind is starting off light this morning, and that’s a good thing if you’re sore from the last few days. If you’re still hoping for more time on the water, you’ll have a chance this evening as thermals kick in, bringing westerlies in the 14-18 range from Stevenson down to Hood River. If it happens, it’s going to be late, just in time for the after work session.

Tomorrow looks a little stronger, as high pressure at the coast combines with a heat low in the desert for 13-16 in the morning and 22-25 in the afternoon. Strongest wind tomorrow will be from Stevenson to Swell in the morning and from the Sandbar to Doug’s in the afternoon.

At this point it’s looking like Portland will see more clouds on Friday, giving us a chance for another big day on the Columbia. The early forecast for next weekend is lots of west wind, hopefully another 3.0 day at The Wall. =)

In after work news today, there are the sailboat races out of the Hood River Marina. Show up at 5:30 and ask around, and you’ll probably find a spot on a boat. I know that Gorgeous needs a few crew members. Also tonight is the Kayak Shed’s shop paddle. Meet at the Husum put-in at 5:30 for a lap on the lower or Middle. I believe there’s beer drinking after the shop paddle.

And speaking of boating, the White Salmon’s around 2.7 feet and the Klickitat’s at 1500 cfs. Don’t forget about Doug Ammons’ presentation at Columbia Center for the Arts tomorrow night. The photos, video, and story are going to be well worth the $10 price of admission. Plus, all of your boating friends will be there, and socializing is good for the soul!

That’s it for today. Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!

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  1. Temira |

    Hi Cindy,
    You are launching off the rocks into the breaking swell at Arlington. There’s a small path, but you still need good timing. Another option is to launch in the wind shadow downwind of the grain towers. The easiest way to get back in is to sail above the jetty into the boat harbor.

  2. Cindy Keller |

    I read in one of your posts that you sailed at Arlington when it was 30+. Any tips for launching there when it is that windy, seems like you would be launching straight into breaking swell with large rocks under foot. Love the site.



  3. Tom |

    Great site – the forecasts are good and to the point! Keep up the great work!