7.13 repeat repeat forecast

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 July 13, 2009

Hey windsurfers and kiters, are you tired yet? I hope not, because today’s a repeat of yesterday. That upper low crossed the state yesterday evening, leaving western Oregon buried in clouds. With clouds east of Hood River, best winds are out east again today.

Early morning gradients were at .12/. an09d .28, and early morning winds were already in the upper twenties at maryhill and Arlington, meaning you better clear your schedule and pull your 3.0 sail or 5.0 kite out of the bottom of the pile. If you missed yesterday, here’s your chance for the same wind with less people. Gotta like it.

Reports from Arlington late in the day yesterday were “EPIC” and Doug’s was off-the-charts windy. I know not everyone likes those crazy conditions, but I do, so I’m super stoked for today.

Westerlies build and build and build again today. Sail when you like, but my picks are Maryhill, Arlingtonor Threemile, where the afternoon session will be in the 35-40 range. I’d say the super-nuker session will be mid-afternoon today, before the clouds really start burning back. I recommend patience today… I didn’t have the patience yesterday and missed the all-time Arlington. Today, I’m going to nail it. You should too. There is a very slight chance that the clouds will burn back early enough to power the corridor as well. Keep an eye on the sky.

The west winds back off tomorrow as high pressure builds over the coast and the northwest. We’ll see afternoon thermals in the 17-21 range, a nice change if you were blown off the water recently! If you want more wind, head to the coast, but remember, the waves are quite small at 4 feet.

In other news, don’t forget about free tai chi at Wilson Park in Hood River tonight. 6pm, and it’s free.

Whatever you do today, have an awesome day!