7.12 forecast

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 July 12, 2009

Morning everyone. I hope you’re whooped from yesterday. I’m just all-around-plain-old tired. I think I might be sore too, but I’d have to get out of bed to find out. I’m not going to. I have to prepare (by sleeping) for another epic day on the water.

Yesterday was awesome on the water. Period. Cat-man-Dayna gives it a solid c+ (just kidding, Dayna. I have no idea what he gives it, but if you need a bad-ass sign made, SignArt Dayna is the guy to do it)

As for me not quite getting it right, well, hopefully I called enough wind to keep you in town and get you on the water for the unexpected 30-plus session.

Today Is an expected very windy session. With a predicted high of 76 in Hood River and 88 in Arlington, afternoon thermal gradients combine with a solid surface differential and shifting upper level low to drive blasting west winds in the desert. We started with gradients of .16/.08 and .33 and winds in the upper twenties at Doug’s. Winds build all day, kinda like they did yesterday, ending up in the 32+ range from doug’s eastward from early-afternoon on. My pick? Arlington. Stay east of the marine deck, and keep an eye out for thunderstorms. If they build, they’ll crush the wind. Also, the upper level low isn’t expected to cross the state until very late in the day, maybe after dark. It’s possible the 40+ sesh at Arlington and Threemile won’t happen until the sun goes down. (30 just isn’t good enough anymore, right?)

Tomorrow sees high pressure off the coast and low pressure in the desert with a more stable atmophere. Gradients stack up through the Gorge, sending windspeeds into the troposphere. Morning winds start in the low twenties or better from Hood River eastward on Monday (I’ve changed my mind. I’m going with upper twenties dawn patrol, just for fun. Hey, you can’t be massively wrong without massive risk), building into the thirties, maybe even upper thirties by afternoon. Yay. Sorry Tim and Janice, but your house may have to wait a day. =)

Alternate activities today include windsurfing and kiting lessons so you can enjoy all this wind instead of hating it. Think about it… And remember, there’s a swap meet at Windance next Sunday, where you can pick up extra gear for the extra wind and extra big jumps today.

Windsurfers and kiters, have fun today. The rest of you, have an awesome day!