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 July 11, 2011

This week’s forecast is brought to you by Crossfit Hood River and their upcoming standup paddle series taught by the SUP fitness queen, Nikki Greg. Now, you’re probably wondering why Crossfit (a gym, kinda) is sponsoring a report related to a website called ‘The Gorge is my gym’. Well, Crossfit will kick you a** into shape faster than anything else (you basically have a personal coach), leaving you more ready to tackle Mother Nature’s gym. Crossfit Hood River Sport Clinics: SUP series will get you SUP’ers into great shape too. The clinic runs 7/18,7/25,8/8,8/15 and is $155 for the series. You can sign up by calling 541-490-0939. And yes, we’re giving something away on the email list, but we’re not sure what yet. Stay tuned…

First off today, a very big thank you to everyone who participated in the Tenacity Games or volunteered their time to make the games happen. As of yesterday afternoon, you guys had raised over $50,000 for survivor camps and other good causes. If you’d still like to make a donation, you can do that at TenacityGames.com.

Second, a very big thank you to everyone who came out to the fundraiser for Peg Lalor on Friday night. I’ve had a couple of (not very nice) emails regarding this (namely that Peg has Canadian citizenship and should have “free” health care), and I’d like to clarify Peg’s situation with a quote from her good friend Ann F.: “It is true that Peg has been receiving treatment at no cost in Alberta. Currently she is in a brain injury rehabilitation institution, in Ponoka, where she will be for only a few more months. Once she is released her paid treatment ends but her rehabilitation journey does not. She will need more specialized therapy and special equipment to be able to manage her new life. As you know Peg is single and has been unable to work… We focused on raising funds for additional speech therapy, aqua therapy and Felkenkrais but are not limited to those, depending on what her doctors recommend.” With that explanation in hand, if you’d like to make a donation, you can do so here.


With the appreciation and thanks out of the way, and the Tenacity Games done for this year, you may now return to your wind-chasing lifestyle. The Event Site has reopened for your kiting and windsurfing pleasure. That should come in handy this afternoon as the wind picks up. We’ll see 21-24 this morning in the western Gorge. Then a little disturbance will swing through today, and the wind will pick up in Stevenson, get gusty in the corridor (after 90 minutes of good sailing =) ) and then it will fill in further east. .

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We’ll have a cloudy start tomorrow with westerlies in the 10-15 range as low pressure sits off the coast. The cool air from the low will combine with desert sunshine for westerlies in the 22-24 range from Mosier to Arlington in the afternoon.

Another upper low sets up off the coast Wednesday, keeping the westerlies down in the 10-15 range.

The latest mountain biking news is an unconfirmed report from a reliable source that Fifteenmile is clear of downed trees. And for those of you waiting for Mobius, be patient for a little longer, and be sure to thank Doug Van Zandt when you see him.

Finally, there’s the Alternative ride leaving Mountain View at 6:15 tonight, there’s free Tai Chi at Wilson Park in Hood River at 5:30, and coming up Wednesday, it’s the Ro-Sham-Throwdown kiteboarding event.

Have an awesome day today!


p.s. If you find this report useful, entertaining, or just want to recognize all the hard work that goes into it, please take the time to make a donation by clicking on the sad-looking link below. For a suggested donation of $10, I’ll add you to the email version of this list ‘til June 2012, putting you in the running for cool prizes donated by the weekly sponsors.

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  1. wonderbird |

    For the record, health care is not free in Canada. We pay mighty hefty taxes for basic, sparse service and long waits times. The Ponoka facility services are very, very basic and limited. Like the lady says, anything at all rehab after the basics must be paid for. Pony-up… Canadians are big donors and lots of money is donated around the world from Canada (both via redistibuted personal income taxes and personal donations).